Townhall Discussion: Our Sex Life Is Boring, Lets Choke Each Other!!! (Insight from Icy Mikew/added words from the kid himself)

Monday, January 5, 2009

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yeah, thats something i won't get. when i'm usually doing my thing smashing i've never once said to my wife "choke me!!!!!". i just don't know how one gets around to even propositioning there partner with this order. are you watching a porno and you see dude plugging her nose while she is deep throating and she gets raccoon eyes. do you turn to her and say all sexy like "girl i want to cut off your air supply." or does she turn to you and say...."i've been wanting you to choke me for some time." i just wonder at what point does sex become that boring where choking each other spices it up. moving along...

on to the other portion of this ya dig is Autoerotic Asphyxiation, and what might that be you are asking? that is when you like choke yourself while strokin it. Me personally i've been a pro at masturbating since '94 and i have never once thought of choking my self. there have been court cases to see if the dead persons death benefits could be divided up, and if you are wondering YES they can be divided up. turns out that it is not the persons intent to die, but to repeat this act again. here is a link that will be more detailed.

here is another link but i am going to share some text with you.....

According to a report to the American Academy of Child Psychiatry, victims are typically ''happy, well-adjusted people'' who are ''found hanging by the neck, often wearing woman's clothing, apparently having died while masturbating.'' In their report, Dr. Stephen Rosenblum and Dr. Myron M. Faber note that ''the risks of sexual asphyxia are not well-known, and it could therefore be viewed as no more pathological than driving a car or motorcycle at high speeds.''

this is coming from doctors mind you and that one scenario is hilarious to me. but me driving my car 120mph on the Dan Ryan Expressway is the exact same thing as some dude choking himself while stroking it. WTF?????? not even close. if i visit free of a noose, i have a 100% chance of having a good time and living. if i use a noose i got a 50 50 chance to come out of it alive. i don't like those odds, turns out i will just pass on that fun time.

teens even have choking parties. what the hell happened to just getting high or drinking likka? more linkage i just don't get it, i'm glad i missed that train, i'll stick to the tried and true choke free methods.

(Vandalyzm's two cents)
lol @ that above...but honestly ITS THE TRUTH.

**Warning the following has some colorful language. Lets all be mature here**

But my question to you all is this...shit women as a whole...why do you enjoy being demolished in the bedroom? We aint even talking about the choking (which I know some of yall are down with it.) No complaints either, but its like why do you like to get spanked, gagged, hot wax poured on, smacked with dongs, all of this shit that honestly if we did it in public we would get cursed out, stole on, or arrested for?? I mean us as straight men we aint gonna tell you NO, or NOT GONNA DO IT...cause we want you to be pleasured. But what is so endaring about being punished in the bedroom from time to time? And that goes for completely beating it up all crazy and going extra deep in it knowing you hitting her in her kidneys n shit. lol

discuss amongt yourselves. I'm taking a coffee break.