The Force get's it in for Trackstar the DJ

Saturday, November 14, 2009

The homie Trackstar is headed out to the WESTSIIIDE!!! So he had a little shin-dig for the proper send off. The crew represented well (to say the least) - and the best part - I got that shit on video for your viewing pleasure. The clips below are just a few of the performances. Click around to see the rest of them or click on the title of this posting to go to my youtube page to see the rest.


Vandalyzm- Donny Freestyle...

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Went ahead and leaked this one on out. It was gonna be on my project, but blaah whatever. I think its dope. I took one of my favorite songs by Donny Hathaway and spit that real over it. He spoke on the good about love, I spoke on the bad about it. Hope you enjoy.




Tef Poe: The Redeemer (MIXTAPE!!)


This some new shit from my dude Tef Poe! He had the mixtape "Glory 2 God" earlier this year, now this jam is BANOODLES!!

With majority of the production handled by Tech Supreme and the one and only Black Spade (who just so happens to be his brother) I promise you will enjoy this project.




The Rules and Regulations of being/having a Side Piece...

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

(this was a blog I posted on FB a while back that got like almost 200 here goes)


What motivated this blog? Well for one, I'm seeing folks habitually stepping those lines *looks at you* *Shakes head* lmfao...

And also...yesterday I'm at Ciceros during a meeting for some ill shit thats going on real soon :)

I'm walking up to my table, and I see a couple sitting down, nice looking couple, i'm al about love...make it happen. So the girl glances up, cause I'm walking past...but like she just stops and STARES at me...

like EYE FUCKS the SHIT out of me...her man is RIGHT THERE...mad disrespectful...

Anyhow, we all know the game...some of us have played it...some of us more than others *ahem* *looks at certain people*

Its what I like to call the
SIDE PIECE game...meaning a man/woman is in a relationship...yet they choose to entertain another male/female that isnt their mate.

its wrong, its jacked up, it aint right, but people do it...okay.

So I figure, if you gonna do this grimey gotta do it RIGHT. Folks get their lines all blurred up and stuff, and forget their purpose...

So here goes...



yeah yeah yeah, I know I said emotional fulfillment above, but real up we already know that majority of women cheat because of their emotions, it very seldomly has anything to do with the fact they just want some D as much as it has to do with
"I need someone to hold me, while they give me that D all crazy".

So if lets say you see your side piece/piecer out with another person.
YOU DO NOT GET getting aint even gotta say whaddup. You keep it moving.

You are on the what they do in their normal life has NOTHING to do with are the dirty secret...
you are the filthy whore they talk about amongst their friends...KNOW YOUR ROLE lol.

2) NO DATES...EVER...well...
Beyond the initial first "Getting to know you on a deeper level" first date...unless the two of you are
WHORELICIOUS you will have this date...NO MORE AFTER THIS THOUGH...the dates can only be indoors...naked...with body oils...and condoms...and the tv on in the background...which brings me to...

Roses? No...

Cook her/him din din? No...

Holding hands in shit? Nigga...

Candles n shit?

No being romantic n shit with your side piece/piecer...keep in mind...this person has a man/woman for that shit. They want hugs and cuddles
(beyond the all good "we just got through having the most beastly sex ever" cuddle afterwards) they go to their signifigant other for that.

If they
EVER ask you for any of that quickly jab them in the throat. Why? It stops them instantly from talking...then commence to banging/getting banged out...

The only reason why body oils are okay is cause
shiny=better. Have you ever seen a good leg? Like a real good leg? Now throw some baby oil gel on that hoe...even better right?? I know...visually pleasing to the men need works for us.

4) PDA...Unless it stands for Putting D in A that's a no Bob!

Yes...remember when I said you have the first initial date
(which has to be in a duck off spot...cant be all in public "Oooh lets go the History Museum on a saturday afternoon". Quick easy way to get shot at).

So while yall out on this date, yall might be geling together...but whatever you do NO PDA NIGGA!!!!! EVER!!!! PDA stands for Public Display of Affection, which means you are putting your stamp on your human to the world as
"Dih Me!" if you from the hood or "This person is mines. And mines only" if you are a refined nigga such as my handsome self.

And all of those things are are the d***/Vageen in the glass case. You were broken because of an, handle your business in a timely and excelent manner. You were chosen for a your country proud...and by country...I mean that ass.


real rap...doing the whole boo/boo baby shit on the phone...NO.

This is completely lust conversations should be no longer than 5 minutes AT THE MOST. Matter of fact...TEXT messages only. And text with nasty dirty stuff are the best...motivate your side piece/piecer to drop what they are doing and come do the grown up with you. And if they dont respond, dont get mad...go back to rule number 1...

and finally


Yall done the was amazing just like you knew it would be. Now what to do you ask? Go to sleep? No.


flat out.

A little cuddle time...but know you have other obligations with another to keep ish from being messy...
ROLL OUT. And for extra on the reality check...leave a $20 on the nightstand...

Why? It keeps the reality of the game are a WHORE to me lmfao.

Now if you follow all of these steps correctly, you will be in a very successful side piece relationship/non relationship. To play this game you gotta have a strong ass chin and a cold heart. If you dont have any of these...there is no need to play...

If you cant do it, stay your ass alone, or with your mate...cause things can get real messy...REAL MESSY.

There will be a part two to this...I'm sure...when I feel like talking more on it...

But talk amongst



Ummm...THE FUCK?!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009




Somebody come get Rhashad's daddy...


LAYGTH: "Look Like Titties"

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

This right here...has me CRYING!! My dude was getting his sing ON. With them stiff ass runs he was singing with the jaw Its amazing...

Laugh and you're going to hell


My Big News: The Reason WHY I Need YOUR Help

(^^^ I just put this up cause its my favorite song at the moment Whadaap @jayelectronica!!)

Alright folks...I know a week ago or so I put out a call to arms...asking if yall would help me if I needed it. Well I had to wait till the right time to speak on it...

So it goes like this, first off, I want to thank EVERYONE for supporting my life's dream, which is this music. This is all Ive done since I can remember, so just on the sheer knowledge that you actually enjoy what I love, makes me want to continue to do it forever.

Ive been on stages, attempting to entertain people since I was in the single digits, so when I say this is all I know, I mean THIS IS ALL I KNOW. I could do alot of things in life, but nothing moves me like making music does. I BREATHE THIS.

So times like this come around, when those dreams you've always had, the one thing you obsessed about the most, is now actually within your becomes surreal.

All ive prayed about is having a stage to speak on. And finally Ive been presented with that.

I'm now finalizing my first deal.

**crowd cheers**

Now now, before we get into all that. Its something that needs to be built upon. They want to re-release my Megatron Majorz project.

...and of course I couldnt just give you the project like it was you know?

So this is what we are building with. You got 9 REMASTERED songs, 5 remixes produced by Flying Lotus, Khrysis, 9th Wonder, Soul Professa AND 14kt. AND 2 new jams produced by 9th Wonder and Khrysis!

...and who knows...maybe a few more suprises :)

So this is what I'm saying. I'm getting all of this because God blessed me, and yall supported me. But I need your support even more. I need the word to get out. So if you got me, help me out. I'm a one man army over here, and I have NO problems asking people I know for help.

So assist me in building up my followers on twitter (@vandalyzm tell em to add me everyone) tell folks to come to the blog...tell them to check out the myspace page ( do WHATEVER YOU CAN.

I need support from yall on THIS project, so the label heads will support me with the NEW album. And I cant WAIT to get yall the newness. Just ask anyone who has heard the most of it (**ahem** @RonnieNotch & @melamachinko) and they will tell you just what it sounds like. I PROMISE you wont be disappointed.

This is the time where folks can quit complaining because of the lack of good music, and get behind some music they KNOW is dope.

One of your own finally got a chance to play in the big game...come cheer me on.

Cause I do it for nobody but yall. I mean that.

Now I know some of you will just read this and throw it to the back of your mind. But if you REALLY love me...please comment on this and let me know you read it.

Thank you yo. I mean that from the bottom of my heart.


...its a new day yo, nothing but wins from here on out...its spoken so it will be. Abacadabra.