Ummm...THE FUCK?!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009




Somebody come get Rhashad's daddy...


LAYGTH: "Look Like Titties"

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

This right here...has me CRYING!! My dude was getting his sing ON. With them stiff ass runs he was singing with the jaw Its amazing...

Laugh and you're going to hell


My Big News: The Reason WHY I Need YOUR Help

(^^^ I just put this up cause its my favorite song at the moment Whadaap @jayelectronica!!)

Alright folks...I know a week ago or so I put out a call to arms...asking if yall would help me if I needed it. Well I had to wait till the right time to speak on it...

So it goes like this, first off, I want to thank EVERYONE for supporting my life's dream, which is this music. This is all Ive done since I can remember, so just on the sheer knowledge that you actually enjoy what I love, makes me want to continue to do it forever.

Ive been on stages, attempting to entertain people since I was in the single digits, so when I say this is all I know, I mean THIS IS ALL I KNOW. I could do alot of things in life, but nothing moves me like making music does. I BREATHE THIS.

So times like this come around, when those dreams you've always had, the one thing you obsessed about the most, is now actually within your becomes surreal.

All ive prayed about is having a stage to speak on. And finally Ive been presented with that.

I'm now finalizing my first deal.

**crowd cheers**

Now now, before we get into all that. Its something that needs to be built upon. They want to re-release my Megatron Majorz project.

...and of course I couldnt just give you the project like it was you know?

So this is what we are building with. You got 9 REMASTERED songs, 5 remixes produced by Flying Lotus, Khrysis, 9th Wonder, Soul Professa AND 14kt. AND 2 new jams produced by 9th Wonder and Khrysis!

...and who knows...maybe a few more suprises :)

So this is what I'm saying. I'm getting all of this because God blessed me, and yall supported me. But I need your support even more. I need the word to get out. So if you got me, help me out. I'm a one man army over here, and I have NO problems asking people I know for help.

So assist me in building up my followers on twitter (@vandalyzm tell em to add me everyone) tell folks to come to the blog...tell them to check out the myspace page ( do WHATEVER YOU CAN.

I need support from yall on THIS project, so the label heads will support me with the NEW album. And I cant WAIT to get yall the newness. Just ask anyone who has heard the most of it (**ahem** @RonnieNotch & @melamachinko) and they will tell you just what it sounds like. I PROMISE you wont be disappointed.

This is the time where folks can quit complaining because of the lack of good music, and get behind some music they KNOW is dope.

One of your own finally got a chance to play in the big game...come cheer me on.

Cause I do it for nobody but yall. I mean that.

Now I know some of you will just read this and throw it to the back of your mind. But if you REALLY love me...please comment on this and let me know you read it.

Thank you yo. I mean that from the bottom of my heart.


...its a new day yo, nothing but wins from here on out...its spoken so it will be. Abacadabra.


Swimsuit Fail

Monday, July 13, 2009

I'm all about keeping it gangsta and also mindful that its summer all at the same time...but this shit...


Talk amongst yourselves...cause I'm sad now that Sally's Beauty Supply has no more pink bandannas for my little sister to wrap her hair with after shes slicked it down with Ampro Gel so her waves can be bussin' when she wakes up for school in the morning. I'm distraught.



Thursday, July 9, 2009

I been wondering how to speak this for the I got it on lock...




Oh yeah...everyone...get your mouth ready...

For some...



Wednesday, July 8, 2009


shouts to my homie DJ Spec for throwing me this...but I had to speak on it.

My STL fam knows JUST who this cat is. A so called "rapper" who decided it was smart to drop the "N" bomb at the beloved HI Point Cafe in front of a majority black crowd.

...oh did I mention that it was MLK Day as well??

Yeah...well homie almost aint make it up out that piece. I can promise you that. But he's back to his old shenanigans, basically going off on Kid Cudi of ALL PEOPLE about how Cudi is biting his style. Huh? See for yourself:


Foreal homie? Like foreal. I ESPECIALLY love how you bleeped out certain niggas, cause I guess they were too explicit. But left the other "niggas" that you said cause they were okay to say. AWESOME!

Oh but wait...there's more. Part two??


I ESPECIALLY love the quote "Who does Do or Die thank? Thats right...KERM!!"

I'm sorry I had to do this homie...but about to have problems. Folks WILL not like this.

I could care less about Cudi might have a slight case against that nigga lol.

Why? Cause Do or Die put KERM in their thank you notes...thats why NIGGA!!


I'm out



Cynthia McKinney...why hasnt this got more coverage????

^^ this is a phone call from prison in Iran from Cynthia McKinney...

Yes, the former US Representative and avid activist was kidnapped on her way to provide aid to the locals there, and thrown in jail. Ive seen NOTHING about this on the news anywhere. This woman has fought for alot of our rights as humans. Shes one of us, and nobody foreal has yet to speak on it...shes just over there. Like its nothing to us? Its nothing to the media?

That really hurts my feelings. Discuss amongst yourselves people...


Lebron James ackin' kind of ho-like?!

Yeah...I said it. Hate that I had to...but its just the honest truth.

My nigga has been on that dumb shit since after game 6 of the Eastern Conference Finals when he didnt congratulate the Magic for smashing them. The rest of his team did the sportsmanlike thing, and he walked off the court.

When he did that, I took it as "ahh aiiight, he just hurt. It was dumb, but its a mistake."

Then, he's really not making it clear whether he's going to stay in Cleveland or not (which I think its a HUGE mistake if he leaves), and doing ish in interviews like rocking NY fitteds...blaah.

Now normally I wouldnt trip off that, but avid LEBRON watchers know why you should.

Did we all forget his St Vincents/St. Mary fiasco when homie was rocking Adidas AND Nike gear at the same time leading the companies on as to who he might sign with once he goes to the NBA? He has the tendency to do things of that nature.

But again...I ignored it, who doesnt have a NY fitted? I got one laying around here somewhere...with burn marks and tears in it lol.

So then homie starts walking around with these shirts on, while on vacation...

Aight, now Imma lil aggy. Cause thats real unclassy-like. Nigga we KNOW you the MVP, we GET IT. Dude you DESERVED it. But yall just got BEASTED by the O-Magic, and the first thing you do on your off season is go cop those tees and rock em outside?

Real rap, if I was YOU my season would mean NOTHING because the underdog team completely exploited our weak areas (frail ass big men, that dont know how to defend players beyond the key, or handle a man bigger than them) and ROASTED us. Last thing Imma do as MVP, is wear such a shirt.

Which brings us to TODAY. I wake up and twitter is going CRAZY over this story that this kid Jordan Crawford out of Xavier University did a two hand JAM on Lebron in a pickup game...that just so happened to be at Lebron's Skills Academy.

Of course I'm like "OHHH SHIT!! A college kid ram jamed on LBJ...hilarious!"

...but this is where that ULTRA hoe shit comes in at...

"apparently" NIKE confiscates ALL videotape that was being shot of that game....

Cause of course, how would it look that the MVP of the NBA got jammed on by a college kid, at his own camp.


Fam...when MJ got crossed over TWICE by a youthful Allen Iverson, did he have the tape taken away? No. It sucks. It happens...


What niggas fail to realize is that MJ BLAZED Iverson that game for like 35 if I'm not mistaken. So yeah, the boy got crossed up...but he aint SHUT THAT MAN DOWN.

All of these moves homie, and I'm starting to respect this cat JUST a lil more now...

**cringes that I just posted that**

Hear me out least THAT nigga doesnt make any bones about why you dont like him. Gotta respect him for that much. Still a snitch that plays for the Fakers tho. hahaha!

Anyhow, in honor of Jordan Crawford, imma put up this pic that I think shows how that dunk looked lol

Cheers to you J Craw...and jeers to you LBJ...

Wicho' hoeasss!!!


leme quit fronting, that nigga could kill an infant child and I'll STILL like him more than Ho'be hahaha



El Prez- Floss Angeles ft FCC


El Prez- Floss Angeles ft FCC from El Prez on Vimeo.

Shouts to the homie El Prez for this video of his jam "Floss Angeles" featuring FCC...

Be ALSO on the lookout for that new El Prez x Vandalyzm x XV shit...owwwwww!!!




Monday, July 6, 2009

*puts finger in ear, while swirling the other index finger in the air, singing in falsetto*


(pause, I think.)

But anyhow, if I aint hipped you to the this awesomeness...then you fail. I'm about to go to OKC for some Mr Spriggs BBQ just on the sure SKRENF of this 'mercial.

Yes...yes lord. Yes.




Spec Boogie - Summer Movie Season - Requiem for a Dream (INSANE!!!)

Spec Boogie - Summer Movie Season - Requiem for a Dream from spec boogie on Vimeo.

Yo, real up, ive been hip to Spec Boogie for a while, but he just so happened to randomly hit me up on twitter (follow me @Vandalyzm lol) so we been rapping. I just so happened to go to his blog and peep this video out. Basically he's dropping songs all summer based off of his favorite movies. And the series is dope as HELL so far. But this one, by far is my favorite. Based off of Requiem for a Dream, Spec just goes IN about people's vices and how folks quick to judge what someone is addicted to, but refuse to look at what has a hold on them... least thats what I got from it lol.

Anyhow, PLEASE peep this video out, and comment. And if you love it hit Spec Boogie up on Twitter and tell him

Oh yeah, and peep the other videos in the series (Superfly, Enter The Dragon, Edward Scissorhands, etc) right HERE @




Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah...I already know...

its been ages since ive updated on this jawn. But yall gotta understand...

a nigga was TIRED.

Not just of blogging. But everything and everyone. I was tired of life in general, and everything in it. I Wasnt a very happy person, and things were falling apart around me. You could say I was in a real bad space.

But dont cry for me Argentina...ya nigga is back, and' betta if you will.

ven mo' sexier!!!!

(niggas dont hate, that wasnt for yall lol)

lol...but no seriously. On top of that, my plate was DUMB full yo. Beyond working on the re-release of Megatron Majorz (more on that later), the new (double) album, a European/Aouth American exclusive mixtape, my radio show with DJ Trackstar, Finsta, and DJ Jamad on Sirius 40 Hip Hop Nation, and also NOW writing for Delux Magazine (, blog writing took up all the time I needed to get those things done.

But nah, we gotta keep it going, cause is a damn movement...feel me??

So I mos def got a lil help this time as far as the blog posting goes, just to keep things a lil more in motion this way :)

With that being said, more new music, coming REAL soon. Imma have a blog post in a second making EVERYTHING more clear as far as what I'm doing with my movement. Which is now again back to a dolo one **crowd goes "awww!"** But NO! I'm happy that way :)

I'm officially letting the rest of the world know, that didnt know...

I am NO LONGER a member of the Hall of Justus.

No shots to the crew, or beef in any way. The cats who I still hold a dear camaraderie with over that way know its nothing but love from the kid. But things were made clear to me, and I just needed to go about this my own way....

...and I couldnt be happier.

Like the song above says in the chorus...I'm GOOD. Any way you slice it, God got me, and he been had me, as bad as things might have been...God aint EVER let me fall on my face. Period.

God bless to you all. And thank you to EVERYONE who has stood beside me through all of this. Some of you werent even aware that this crazy ish was going down with me...

...that just means I'm a damn good actor lol.