Lebron James ackin' kind of ho-like?!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Yeah...I said it. Hate that I had to...but its just the honest truth.

My nigga has been on that dumb shit since after game 6 of the Eastern Conference Finals when he didnt congratulate the Magic for smashing them. The rest of his team did the sportsmanlike thing, and he walked off the court.

When he did that, I took it as "ahh aiiight, he just hurt. It was dumb, but its a mistake."

Then, he's really not making it clear whether he's going to stay in Cleveland or not (which I think its a HUGE mistake if he leaves), and doing ish in interviews like rocking NY fitteds...blaah.

Now normally I wouldnt trip off that, but avid LEBRON watchers know why you should.

Did we all forget his St Vincents/St. Mary fiasco when homie was rocking Adidas AND Nike gear at the same time leading the companies on as to who he might sign with once he goes to the NBA? He has the tendency to do things of that nature.

But again...I ignored it, who doesnt have a NY fitted? I got one laying around here somewhere...with burn marks and tears in it lol.

So then homie starts walking around with these shirts on, while on vacation...

Aight, now Imma lil aggy. Cause thats real unclassy-like. Nigga we KNOW you the MVP, we GET IT. Dude you DESERVED it. But yall just got BEASTED by the O-Magic, and the first thing you do on your off season is go cop those tees and rock em outside?

Real rap, if I was YOU my season would mean NOTHING because the underdog team completely exploited our weak areas (frail ass big men, that dont know how to defend players beyond the key, or handle a man bigger than them) and ROASTED us. Last thing Imma do as MVP, is wear such a shirt.

Which brings us to TODAY. I wake up and twitter is going CRAZY over this story that this kid Jordan Crawford out of Xavier University did a two hand JAM on Lebron in a pickup game...that just so happened to be at Lebron's Skills Academy.

Of course I'm like "OHHH SHIT!! A college kid ram jamed on LBJ...hilarious!"

...but this is where that ULTRA hoe shit comes in at...

"apparently" NIKE confiscates ALL videotape that was being shot of that game....

Cause of course, how would it look that the MVP of the NBA got jammed on by a college kid, at his own camp.


Fam...when MJ got crossed over TWICE by a youthful Allen Iverson, did he have the tape taken away? No. It sucks. It happens...


What niggas fail to realize is that MJ BLAZED Iverson that game for like 35 if I'm not mistaken. So yeah, the boy got crossed up...but he aint SHUT THAT MAN DOWN.

All of these moves homie, and I'm starting to respect this cat JUST a lil more now...

**cringes that I just posted that**

Hear me out tho...at least THAT nigga doesnt make any bones about why you dont like him. Gotta respect him for that much. Still a snitch that plays for the Fakers tho. hahaha!

Anyhow, in honor of Jordan Crawford, imma put up this pic that I think shows how that dunk looked lol

Cheers to you J Craw...and jeers to you LBJ...

Wicho' hoeasss!!!


leme quit fronting, that nigga could kill an infant child and I'll STILL like him more than Ho'be hahaha