The Force get's it in for Trackstar the DJ

Saturday, November 14, 2009

The homie Trackstar is headed out to the WESTSIIIDE!!! So he had a little shin-dig for the proper send off. The crew represented well (to say the least) - and the best part - I got that shit on video for your viewing pleasure. The clips below are just a few of the performances. Click around to see the rest of them or click on the title of this posting to go to my youtube page to see the rest.


Vandalyzm- Donny Freestyle...

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Went ahead and leaked this one on out. It was gonna be on my project, but blaah whatever. I think its dope. I took one of my favorite songs by Donny Hathaway and spit that real over it. He spoke on the good about love, I spoke on the bad about it. Hope you enjoy.




Tef Poe: The Redeemer (MIXTAPE!!)


This some new shit from my dude Tef Poe! He had the mixtape "Glory 2 God" earlier this year, now this jam is BANOODLES!!

With majority of the production handled by Tech Supreme and the one and only Black Spade (who just so happens to be his brother) I promise you will enjoy this project.




The Rules and Regulations of being/having a Side Piece...

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

(this was a blog I posted on FB a while back that got like almost 200 here goes)


What motivated this blog? Well for one, I'm seeing folks habitually stepping those lines *looks at you* *Shakes head* lmfao...

And also...yesterday I'm at Ciceros during a meeting for some ill shit thats going on real soon :)

I'm walking up to my table, and I see a couple sitting down, nice looking couple, i'm al about love...make it happen. So the girl glances up, cause I'm walking past...but like she just stops and STARES at me...

like EYE FUCKS the SHIT out of me...her man is RIGHT THERE...mad disrespectful...

Anyhow, we all know the game...some of us have played it...some of us more than others *ahem* *looks at certain people*

Its what I like to call the
SIDE PIECE game...meaning a man/woman is in a relationship...yet they choose to entertain another male/female that isnt their mate.

its wrong, its jacked up, it aint right, but people do it...okay.

So I figure, if you gonna do this grimey gotta do it RIGHT. Folks get their lines all blurred up and stuff, and forget their purpose...

So here goes...



yeah yeah yeah, I know I said emotional fulfillment above, but real up we already know that majority of women cheat because of their emotions, it very seldomly has anything to do with the fact they just want some D as much as it has to do with
"I need someone to hold me, while they give me that D all crazy".

So if lets say you see your side piece/piecer out with another person.
YOU DO NOT GET getting aint even gotta say whaddup. You keep it moving.

You are on the what they do in their normal life has NOTHING to do with are the dirty secret...
you are the filthy whore they talk about amongst their friends...KNOW YOUR ROLE lol.

2) NO DATES...EVER...well...
Beyond the initial first "Getting to know you on a deeper level" first date...unless the two of you are
WHORELICIOUS you will have this date...NO MORE AFTER THIS THOUGH...the dates can only be indoors...naked...with body oils...and condoms...and the tv on in the background...which brings me to...

Roses? No...

Cook her/him din din? No...

Holding hands in shit? Nigga...

Candles n shit?

No being romantic n shit with your side piece/piecer...keep in mind...this person has a man/woman for that shit. They want hugs and cuddles
(beyond the all good "we just got through having the most beastly sex ever" cuddle afterwards) they go to their signifigant other for that.

If they
EVER ask you for any of that quickly jab them in the throat. Why? It stops them instantly from talking...then commence to banging/getting banged out...

The only reason why body oils are okay is cause
shiny=better. Have you ever seen a good leg? Like a real good leg? Now throw some baby oil gel on that hoe...even better right?? I know...visually pleasing to the men need works for us.

4) PDA...Unless it stands for Putting D in A that's a no Bob!

Yes...remember when I said you have the first initial date
(which has to be in a duck off spot...cant be all in public "Oooh lets go the History Museum on a saturday afternoon". Quick easy way to get shot at).

So while yall out on this date, yall might be geling together...but whatever you do NO PDA NIGGA!!!!! EVER!!!! PDA stands for Public Display of Affection, which means you are putting your stamp on your human to the world as
"Dih Me!" if you from the hood or "This person is mines. And mines only" if you are a refined nigga such as my handsome self.

And all of those things are are the d***/Vageen in the glass case. You were broken because of an, handle your business in a timely and excelent manner. You were chosen for a your country proud...and by country...I mean that ass.


real rap...doing the whole boo/boo baby shit on the phone...NO.

This is completely lust conversations should be no longer than 5 minutes AT THE MOST. Matter of fact...TEXT messages only. And text with nasty dirty stuff are the best...motivate your side piece/piecer to drop what they are doing and come do the grown up with you. And if they dont respond, dont get mad...go back to rule number 1...

and finally


Yall done the was amazing just like you knew it would be. Now what to do you ask? Go to sleep? No.


flat out.

A little cuddle time...but know you have other obligations with another to keep ish from being messy...
ROLL OUT. And for extra on the reality check...leave a $20 on the nightstand...

Why? It keeps the reality of the game are a WHORE to me lmfao.

Now if you follow all of these steps correctly, you will be in a very successful side piece relationship/non relationship. To play this game you gotta have a strong ass chin and a cold heart. If you dont have any of these...there is no need to play...

If you cant do it, stay your ass alone, or with your mate...cause things can get real messy...REAL MESSY.

There will be a part two to this...I'm sure...when I feel like talking more on it...

But talk amongst



Ummm...THE FUCK?!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009




Somebody come get Rhashad's daddy...


LAYGTH: "Look Like Titties"

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

This right here...has me CRYING!! My dude was getting his sing ON. With them stiff ass runs he was singing with the jaw Its amazing...

Laugh and you're going to hell


My Big News: The Reason WHY I Need YOUR Help

(^^^ I just put this up cause its my favorite song at the moment Whadaap @jayelectronica!!)

Alright folks...I know a week ago or so I put out a call to arms...asking if yall would help me if I needed it. Well I had to wait till the right time to speak on it...

So it goes like this, first off, I want to thank EVERYONE for supporting my life's dream, which is this music. This is all Ive done since I can remember, so just on the sheer knowledge that you actually enjoy what I love, makes me want to continue to do it forever.

Ive been on stages, attempting to entertain people since I was in the single digits, so when I say this is all I know, I mean THIS IS ALL I KNOW. I could do alot of things in life, but nothing moves me like making music does. I BREATHE THIS.

So times like this come around, when those dreams you've always had, the one thing you obsessed about the most, is now actually within your becomes surreal.

All ive prayed about is having a stage to speak on. And finally Ive been presented with that.

I'm now finalizing my first deal.

**crowd cheers**

Now now, before we get into all that. Its something that needs to be built upon. They want to re-release my Megatron Majorz project.

...and of course I couldnt just give you the project like it was you know?

So this is what we are building with. You got 9 REMASTERED songs, 5 remixes produced by Flying Lotus, Khrysis, 9th Wonder, Soul Professa AND 14kt. AND 2 new jams produced by 9th Wonder and Khrysis!

...and who knows...maybe a few more suprises :)

So this is what I'm saying. I'm getting all of this because God blessed me, and yall supported me. But I need your support even more. I need the word to get out. So if you got me, help me out. I'm a one man army over here, and I have NO problems asking people I know for help.

So assist me in building up my followers on twitter (@vandalyzm tell em to add me everyone) tell folks to come to the blog...tell them to check out the myspace page ( do WHATEVER YOU CAN.

I need support from yall on THIS project, so the label heads will support me with the NEW album. And I cant WAIT to get yall the newness. Just ask anyone who has heard the most of it (**ahem** @RonnieNotch & @melamachinko) and they will tell you just what it sounds like. I PROMISE you wont be disappointed.

This is the time where folks can quit complaining because of the lack of good music, and get behind some music they KNOW is dope.

One of your own finally got a chance to play in the big game...come cheer me on.

Cause I do it for nobody but yall. I mean that.

Now I know some of you will just read this and throw it to the back of your mind. But if you REALLY love me...please comment on this and let me know you read it.

Thank you yo. I mean that from the bottom of my heart.


...its a new day yo, nothing but wins from here on out...its spoken so it will be. Abacadabra.


Swimsuit Fail

Monday, July 13, 2009

I'm all about keeping it gangsta and also mindful that its summer all at the same time...but this shit...


Talk amongst yourselves...cause I'm sad now that Sally's Beauty Supply has no more pink bandannas for my little sister to wrap her hair with after shes slicked it down with Ampro Gel so her waves can be bussin' when she wakes up for school in the morning. I'm distraught.



Thursday, July 9, 2009

I been wondering how to speak this for the I got it on lock...




Oh yeah...everyone...get your mouth ready...

For some...



Wednesday, July 8, 2009


shouts to my homie DJ Spec for throwing me this...but I had to speak on it.

My STL fam knows JUST who this cat is. A so called "rapper" who decided it was smart to drop the "N" bomb at the beloved HI Point Cafe in front of a majority black crowd.

...oh did I mention that it was MLK Day as well??

Yeah...well homie almost aint make it up out that piece. I can promise you that. But he's back to his old shenanigans, basically going off on Kid Cudi of ALL PEOPLE about how Cudi is biting his style. Huh? See for yourself:


Foreal homie? Like foreal. I ESPECIALLY love how you bleeped out certain niggas, cause I guess they were too explicit. But left the other "niggas" that you said cause they were okay to say. AWESOME!

Oh but wait...there's more. Part two??


I ESPECIALLY love the quote "Who does Do or Die thank? Thats right...KERM!!"

I'm sorry I had to do this homie...but about to have problems. Folks WILL not like this.

I could care less about Cudi might have a slight case against that nigga lol.

Why? Cause Do or Die put KERM in their thank you notes...thats why NIGGA!!


I'm out



Cynthia McKinney...why hasnt this got more coverage????

^^ this is a phone call from prison in Iran from Cynthia McKinney...

Yes, the former US Representative and avid activist was kidnapped on her way to provide aid to the locals there, and thrown in jail. Ive seen NOTHING about this on the news anywhere. This woman has fought for alot of our rights as humans. Shes one of us, and nobody foreal has yet to speak on it...shes just over there. Like its nothing to us? Its nothing to the media?

That really hurts my feelings. Discuss amongst yourselves people...


Lebron James ackin' kind of ho-like?!

Yeah...I said it. Hate that I had to...but its just the honest truth.

My nigga has been on that dumb shit since after game 6 of the Eastern Conference Finals when he didnt congratulate the Magic for smashing them. The rest of his team did the sportsmanlike thing, and he walked off the court.

When he did that, I took it as "ahh aiiight, he just hurt. It was dumb, but its a mistake."

Then, he's really not making it clear whether he's going to stay in Cleveland or not (which I think its a HUGE mistake if he leaves), and doing ish in interviews like rocking NY fitteds...blaah.

Now normally I wouldnt trip off that, but avid LEBRON watchers know why you should.

Did we all forget his St Vincents/St. Mary fiasco when homie was rocking Adidas AND Nike gear at the same time leading the companies on as to who he might sign with once he goes to the NBA? He has the tendency to do things of that nature.

But again...I ignored it, who doesnt have a NY fitted? I got one laying around here somewhere...with burn marks and tears in it lol.

So then homie starts walking around with these shirts on, while on vacation...

Aight, now Imma lil aggy. Cause thats real unclassy-like. Nigga we KNOW you the MVP, we GET IT. Dude you DESERVED it. But yall just got BEASTED by the O-Magic, and the first thing you do on your off season is go cop those tees and rock em outside?

Real rap, if I was YOU my season would mean NOTHING because the underdog team completely exploited our weak areas (frail ass big men, that dont know how to defend players beyond the key, or handle a man bigger than them) and ROASTED us. Last thing Imma do as MVP, is wear such a shirt.

Which brings us to TODAY. I wake up and twitter is going CRAZY over this story that this kid Jordan Crawford out of Xavier University did a two hand JAM on Lebron in a pickup game...that just so happened to be at Lebron's Skills Academy.

Of course I'm like "OHHH SHIT!! A college kid ram jamed on LBJ...hilarious!"

...but this is where that ULTRA hoe shit comes in at...

"apparently" NIKE confiscates ALL videotape that was being shot of that game....

Cause of course, how would it look that the MVP of the NBA got jammed on by a college kid, at his own camp.


Fam...when MJ got crossed over TWICE by a youthful Allen Iverson, did he have the tape taken away? No. It sucks. It happens...


What niggas fail to realize is that MJ BLAZED Iverson that game for like 35 if I'm not mistaken. So yeah, the boy got crossed up...but he aint SHUT THAT MAN DOWN.

All of these moves homie, and I'm starting to respect this cat JUST a lil more now...

**cringes that I just posted that**

Hear me out least THAT nigga doesnt make any bones about why you dont like him. Gotta respect him for that much. Still a snitch that plays for the Fakers tho. hahaha!

Anyhow, in honor of Jordan Crawford, imma put up this pic that I think shows how that dunk looked lol

Cheers to you J Craw...and jeers to you LBJ...

Wicho' hoeasss!!!


leme quit fronting, that nigga could kill an infant child and I'll STILL like him more than Ho'be hahaha



El Prez- Floss Angeles ft FCC


El Prez- Floss Angeles ft FCC from El Prez on Vimeo.

Shouts to the homie El Prez for this video of his jam "Floss Angeles" featuring FCC...

Be ALSO on the lookout for that new El Prez x Vandalyzm x XV shit...owwwwww!!!




Monday, July 6, 2009

*puts finger in ear, while swirling the other index finger in the air, singing in falsetto*


(pause, I think.)

But anyhow, if I aint hipped you to the this awesomeness...then you fail. I'm about to go to OKC for some Mr Spriggs BBQ just on the sure SKRENF of this 'mercial.

Yes...yes lord. Yes.




Spec Boogie - Summer Movie Season - Requiem for a Dream (INSANE!!!)

Spec Boogie - Summer Movie Season - Requiem for a Dream from spec boogie on Vimeo.

Yo, real up, ive been hip to Spec Boogie for a while, but he just so happened to randomly hit me up on twitter (follow me @Vandalyzm lol) so we been rapping. I just so happened to go to his blog and peep this video out. Basically he's dropping songs all summer based off of his favorite movies. And the series is dope as HELL so far. But this one, by far is my favorite. Based off of Requiem for a Dream, Spec just goes IN about people's vices and how folks quick to judge what someone is addicted to, but refuse to look at what has a hold on them... least thats what I got from it lol.

Anyhow, PLEASE peep this video out, and comment. And if you love it hit Spec Boogie up on Twitter and tell him

Oh yeah, and peep the other videos in the series (Superfly, Enter The Dragon, Edward Scissorhands, etc) right HERE @




Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah...I already know...

its been ages since ive updated on this jawn. But yall gotta understand...

a nigga was TIRED.

Not just of blogging. But everything and everyone. I was tired of life in general, and everything in it. I Wasnt a very happy person, and things were falling apart around me. You could say I was in a real bad space.

But dont cry for me Argentina...ya nigga is back, and' betta if you will.

ven mo' sexier!!!!

(niggas dont hate, that wasnt for yall lol)

lol...but no seriously. On top of that, my plate was DUMB full yo. Beyond working on the re-release of Megatron Majorz (more on that later), the new (double) album, a European/Aouth American exclusive mixtape, my radio show with DJ Trackstar, Finsta, and DJ Jamad on Sirius 40 Hip Hop Nation, and also NOW writing for Delux Magazine (, blog writing took up all the time I needed to get those things done.

But nah, we gotta keep it going, cause is a damn movement...feel me??

So I mos def got a lil help this time as far as the blog posting goes, just to keep things a lil more in motion this way :)

With that being said, more new music, coming REAL soon. Imma have a blog post in a second making EVERYTHING more clear as far as what I'm doing with my movement. Which is now again back to a dolo one **crowd goes "awww!"** But NO! I'm happy that way :)

I'm officially letting the rest of the world know, that didnt know...

I am NO LONGER a member of the Hall of Justus.

No shots to the crew, or beef in any way. The cats who I still hold a dear camaraderie with over that way know its nothing but love from the kid. But things were made clear to me, and I just needed to go about this my own way....

...and I couldnt be happier.

Like the song above says in the chorus...I'm GOOD. Any way you slice it, God got me, and he been had me, as bad as things might have been...God aint EVER let me fall on my face. Period.

God bless to you all. And thank you to EVERYONE who has stood beside me through all of this. Some of you werent even aware that this crazy ish was going down with me...

...that just means I'm a damn good actor lol.



WOMAN LAW VIOLATONS???? (with input from the Kid himself)

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

(Dont ask me why I chose this pic, I thought it was funny. **She look like Gravy, playing Big in Notorious** Anyhoo, shoutout to my homegirls Tiffany and Fran Fran for dropping this note on Facebook, I thought it was hilarity, but at the same time here goes)

While talking to Fran.. We were just discussing a lil bit of this a lil bit of that.. And we were both tripping off off certain relationship issues....

Ladies Its 2009, Yall should have gotten this right by now.. There are CERTAIN things that as a WOMAN u MUST do.....

Please feel free to add to this....


(oh, and dont just GIVE HEAD, like ENJOY that shit. You think US MEN are stupid, we TOTALLY know the difference. And any many will tell you, a woman who LOVES giving head, is our best friend.)

#2 If you capable of cooking, Do so for your man

(Yes...Yes...YESSSSSSS!!! LOL.)

#3 If your living in the same house...Keep him happy so he's not at anybody else house..



There is NO reason ur live-in man should be calling me to do these for him.. (WLV)


#4. Remeber when u met him? You wer FLY... Keep it that way.. He was attracted to you because of what he saw and probably a lil bit of what you said... Dont think cause GOT him u dont have to stay lookn fly.

(Dont even get me started on this one. Too many times ive seen the whole "Shit well I got em, fuck it, I aint gotta impress him no more" syndrome go down. And I'm here to say ladies...FUCK THAT SHIT. Flat out, we like to be dazzled and swept off our feet as well. If we falling off in that department you got the right to bitch as well. But dont think just cause we there, it means its time for you to rock sweatpants all day. GTFO with that one yo...carry on ladies)

#5. WORK....If ur man has a good job, that doesnt mean quit yours... Yall are a team
(hahahahaha...thats all I wanted to say)

#6. Lady in the Streets, Freak in the sheets..
(Last thing we want, is it to be in reverse, or to have two of the same. Meaning lady in streets, lady in sheets, freak in streets, freak in get what I'm saying? Neither one of those are fun. Oh and we so rather TEACH you new shit, than you to TEACH us...just helping you out here...women think being EXPERIENCED is a good look...sorry to tell you...ITS NOT.)

These are the top 6.. If your not doing these.. Please step out of line and let him be on his way..

**side note** U never know who's waiting on the sidelines to scoop up your man and do what YOUR NOT doing...Please fill free to add to the WLV....

**Vandalyzm's Input**

LOL, now with all of that being said. Leme gone head and put my two cents into it.

Flat out, if you have a man, or if you are working to get one...he shouldnt have to ask you for anything that SHOULD be a given. And vice versa. I just wanted to touch on that situation more because it aint just about sex you dig? Its always someone waiting on you to fail...period. Its about realizing the amazingness that is your partner at ALL times. And knowing that its not a given that they are there with you. So to BOTH sexes, it should NEVER be a situation where your mate is in NEED. And I'm not talking monatary items...that shit is pointless...but yall know what I'm speaking on. Cause again, what you wont do, he/she will without asking. Eff all that 80/20 shit, if your mate is complaining about some shit that you can EASILY clear up ON YOUR OWN, either do it, or I'm sure they will find someone who can.

...on some real G shit. lol (Whadaaap Tony!)

Oh yeah, imma end it all with a joke.

What does a woman do with a black eye?

Huh? Anyone??

...The dishes if she knows whats good for her.


**runs because I know imma catch SHIT for that joke**



U-N-I/ Mick Boogie "Before There Was Love" mixtape (Download)

(shoutout to

YEAAAAAAAAAAH! My boys out in Cali, U-N-I just dropped this NEEEW mixtape with the world famous Mick Boogie on the tables. Its called "Before There Was Love", the prelude to their new album A Love Supreme thats dropping REAL SOON. Its got guest apperances by Big Pooh, Fashawn, Black Milk, Curtains, Evidence, Talib Kweli, Donny Goines, and *ahem* one INSANELY handsome ass blogger by the name of Vandalyzm.

Anyhow, here's the tracklisting, and the link to download below:

1. Mick Boogie Intro
2. Cali Soul f/ Shawn Jackson and Hope (prod. by Dibia$e)
3. See LA f/ Damani (prod. by Faahz)
4. Cast' Em Out (prod. by Dibia$e)
5. The Press Play Show Interlude Part 1
6. On Tour f/ Bambu (prod. by Ro Blvd)
7. Think About It f/6th Sense & Vandalyzm (prod. by 6th Sense)
8. Half Off f/ Evidence
9. Run Son f/ El Prez, 310, C-San, & Casey Veggies (prod. by Ro Blvd)
10. Stakes is High (prod. by 6th Sense)
11. The Press Play Show Interlude Part 2
12. Beautiful Day Remix f/ Big Pooh, Evidence, Aloe Blacc, Kes Kaos, Mickey Factz, Fashawn, & Theo (prod. by Dibia$e))
13. Yesterday (prod. by Ski Team)
14. Hey Neighbor (prod. by Ro Blvd)
15. Wildin’ f/ Chen Lo & Tunji (prod. by Ro Blvd)
16. The Press Play Show Interlude Part 3
17. Castle Vee Re-Up f/ Black Milk (prod. by Dibia$e)
18. Arcade Fly Remix f/ Wildabeast, 6th Sense, Buff1, Donny Goines, Fashawn
19. Night Nurse (prod. by Cook Classics)
20. Relax f/ Fashawn (prod. by FredNukes)
21. Return f/Talib Kweli (prod. by Bannon)
22. Mainstream Consumers f/ Free Speech & Bambu (prod. by Ro Blvd)
23. Monster f/ Shawn Jackson (prod. by Jaguar Skills)
24. Vitamin B f/ Curtains (prod. by Bannon)
25. The Press Play Show Interlude Part 4
26. Start My Day f/ H.O.P.E. (prod. by Ro Blvd)
27. Herb f/Co$$ & Bad Lucc (prod. by Ro Blvd)

^^ Click there to download!!!



Now...maybe I'm on coke...but...vol 2

I was first shown this by the boy Ronnie Notch...

And I was in tears laughing at EVERYTHING that was wrong in this video.

Lets see if you can see (and hear) all the violations in this vid...

...yes...flag on the play indeed.


Alone in the crowd...

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Picture and the song speaks volumes...

(please excuse the rambling, I'm just going off the top with this one)

Anyhow, folks in the industry say you should always "put on face" and never give your real self to the masses. I dont feel that is cool. But at the same time I understand them. I feel like you need to have a happy medium. Be real with the folks, but dont give them'll have nothing left.

So with that being said, I know shits been a lil sparse round these parts as far as updates go. Thats my fault. But thats the beauty of what I do here at the cant EVER say I dont keep it one with yall.

Anyhow, I dont know if folks can sense the greatness, or whatever that is coming up...clearly its some shit I dont see. But you ever felt like you were just surrounded by complete utter fakeness?

Every other day I'm getting word back to me, that this nigga said this, or this nigga said that. Notes in my honesty box on facebook, telling me to watch out for folks I hang with cause they plotting against me, but they wont say who.

...lets not even get started on the females. My ex, and info she gave me on forum posts keeping tabs on me and chicks I take pics with and who know my relationship status' will keep me FOREVER secretive about who I see or speak to...

End all be all is this, I took this game on like a marrage, till death...

But folks, who are born with morals and honor, will get swallowed whole because the majority of people deal in life like fuck niggas. Some are born fuck niggas, and some convert to being fuck niggas because they gotta survive. And in some instances, I really cant even blame them.

I'm really trying my damness to not become the latter. I dig the fact that I can talk to anyone at anytime, and that folks should feel good enough to just walk up to me and rap with the kid. I dont like when folks make a big deal about me or anything I do, because I'm just doing what I was put on this earth to do. At the end of the day I'm just a grown ass man who breathes oxygen.

Folks have applauded me for being that way, but at the same time I see how it makes me vulnerable for attack from folks. And I dont dig that one bit. I dont know why me being that way, gives people the ideal that I'M A BITCH, or that I'M SOFT.

Well, please know, thats FAR FROM THE FACT.

I wouldnt have made it through my hood, shit let alone through family gatherings being soft like that. I just choose to not show that side of me, but please know it can come, and you can meet that nigga gladly.

I hope I didnt offiend or confuse anyone with this post, I was just being honest and speaking from the heart and mind.

I thank all of my fans, supporters, and real friends for being there for me when others never were. As many times as Ive wanted to give up, I never did cause of yall. That simple.

I wont let you down, just help me out with motivation...cause doing this shit is alot like playing in the grass with a white outfit on. You trying your BEST to not get dirty, but possible is it REALLY to stay clean.

Yall be peaceful, and God-like


Doubt you've EVER heard the Brady Bunch theme like this...

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Goodnight folks...they just KILLED that shit.

Ive prolley gotten these dudes 100k of the plays they got on this, but I never put it


Song I Wish I Wrote: "You Get What You Give"


Real up, the song this feeling gives me...the lyrics...yeah.

The New Radicals...fronted by Gregg Alexander, who wrote and produced all the music from this band...created this masterpiece of my high school age.

Plus he's like the first (sorta) rock cat ive heard go at another artist in song. I thought that shit was only done in hip hop, so when I heard him do it I was like "WHOA!" how he got at cats at the end of the song lol.

But yeah, I present...You Get What You Give by The New Radicals...



**Song of the Moment** Invincible- The Emperor's Clothes (Free download)

(Whaddap )

Yo, the homie Invincible(hit up her myspace) hit me up on FB telling me about this new joint she just put on the net. I mean, shes dope, so of course I took a looksee...and of course the kid was floored again.

She kicking a GANG of knowledge on this check it out

Here are the lyrics too...yall need to pay attention!

Phase 1: Air strikes all day and all night
Phase 2: Rockets hit the Gaza strip with phosphorus
Phase 3: Ground attack how we gonna counteract?

Boycott Divest and Sanction

Israel– you should be ashamed
Kill and maim 1,000's of civilians in our name
Claim you hitting terrorists but children in your aim
Even murder relief workers blood spilling from they brain
While they tried to drive the ambulance, damn they couldn't stand a chance
Even bomb students, hospitals, mosques, Rafah, and Khan Yunis
Shot em in the back like the cops to Oscar Grant…
And in each case the good ol' united states sponsored that
7 million a day that we pay tax and AIPAC's lobbyists is robbin us
Sometimes it feels like they're ain't no stopping this
BUT now no body can deny it cuz you made it too obvious
Naked truth exposed like the emperor's clothes
The struggles getting hotter and the temperature rose
Since 1948 when you formed the state
Palestinian people still defending their homes
They aint been surrendering, NO

Boycott Divest and Sanction
Cuz they even bombed the United Nations

Look, i'm Israeli, my government's so arrogant
War criminals who call Palestinians terrorists
For resisting extinction and occupation
Comparing this to genocide and reservations of Native Americans
Its a massacre! Kick out they ambassadors!
Divest from their apartheid like South Africa
Boycott em like King to Montgomery buses,
Show them we want peace but only with real justice
They murdering the media and witnesses left
We gonna stop shopping at all the businesses that invest
In building they settlements and gentrifying our corners
Illegal walls over there and the US-Mexico border
Build a worldwide movement til the truth is heard
And supporting the Israelis who refuse to serve
All the C.O.s who AWOL when deployed to Iraqi stations
All the people rallying while the cops are chasing
If we enlisted in the system we got an obligation
We ain't got the patience, time to stop the occupation

Boycott, Divest, and Sanction
Til there's right of return for displaced and reparations



Icy Mike: My President is Black...God & Mr. Cox are too

(again shout out to the boy ICY MIKE for this wonderful blog)

Today has been one of those days that you need every now and then to renew your faith in mankind and yourself. I watched Barack Hussein Obama become our 44th President and in the beginning of watching all of this unfold I shed a tear. I cried because I was thinking of all the hardships that Civil Rights Pioneers had endured in order to see a day like this take place when Love Wins and we as a collective nation said yes we can to change and stop being so indifferent to everything in life.

I was at work today and later on in the evening when I was working alone and a gentleman (whose name is Mr. Cox) came in and was looking for a bow tie and a dress shirt for a black tie affair. (I work in a predominately black mall at tuxedo shop if you didn’t know) He was an older gentleman probably somewhere in his early 70 (he told me he was 73). I told him I was watching the parade in the back on my laptop and told me he was excited about the whole day and he was happy that I was too. So, I asked him point blank, “sir, did you ever think this would happen?” his reply was, “no, I never thought a day like today was possible.”

He said “I grew up in Mississippi and was born in 1936 and moved to Chicago when I was 19” “When I was growing up we couldn’t get a table at a restaurant and when we wanted food from them they would pass the food through a window in the back of the building.” also “There were no public restrooms for us when we went places. If we needed to go to the bathroom we would go on the side of the road or in some woods.”

“One thing my father taught me at a young age was not to let all the words and things people say about you get into your head. He said don’t listen to what others say about you if you are something in God’s eyes then that is all that matters.” “My Father was a very strong man and was of sound character. He also told me that if you have hate in your heart you are only hurting yourself, because that person cannot feel the hate that you are putting on them.”

Another story that he shared with me was deep and really just awe inspiring it went something like this. “I remember one night when I was 9 years old our house got surrounded by the KKK, and they were yelling for my father to come out. My father said the front door is open you can come in but I’m going to take out a bunch of you before you kill me and my family. Dad had a hand pump shotgun on his lap and pistol in his hand down to the side.”

He also shared with me that he served in the Korean War. He was very active in the Civil Rights movement, and now he is involved in street ministry dealing with gangs in Chicago. When this man mentioned God to me it was only in passing, but it was one of those moments when you knew that his actions spoke more to me then T.D. Jakes could ever say in a sermon. It was one of those moments when your cynicism parts and you open your mind and listen with your heart.

Mr. Cox wasn’t really talking about being a follower of God; he was walking in full living action everyday of his life to be living the Gospel. It was incredible. This is man who truly believes that Love Wins, and if you know anything about MLK or Jesus those are two men who truly and whole heartedly believed that Love Wins.

Today was living proof. We have Barack Hussein Obama as our 44th President, and did so, on a platform of change and peace. I am a true believer that Love Wins, I just need to do so in action more so then just speech and print. Mr. Cox summed up how he dealt with racism in a very short and profound statement “Don’t listen to what others say about you. If you are something in God’s eyes then that is all that matters….. If you have hate in your heart you are only hurting yourself, because that person cannot feel the hate that you are putting on them.”

To Mr. Cox I owe a debt of gratitude and I am glad that we were able to share our joy and passion for the day together. Even though I do not understand all that he has been through, his stories and wisdom have touched me in a profound way, to where we both can unite together and pronounce……..LOVE WINS.


Icy Mike.

Jen The Pen interviews G.O.O.D. Music/Def Jam signee Big Sean..

Thursday, January 8, 2009

The homie Jen The Pen asked me to post this up, so of course why would I not?? On this edition of Pen Pals, shes goes in with the boy Big Sean, who is the newest member of the Good Music family. For yall that dont know, thats Kanye West's label

Anyhoo, one thing I do enjoy about dude is that he can rhyme, and he's dumb humble...check it out...and some music of his as well!

Jen The Pen interviews Big Sean from jen the pen on Vimeo

Paranoid remix w/Kanye

Very slick ass freestyle...


**Question of the Day** Hairy Ass Women, yay or nay?

I mean women feel free to answer too...but this is for my guys. Cause I heard some of yall niggas out there like ya women kind of thuggish ruggish. Heavy on the ruggish.

So...hairy women...yay or nay? Feel free to get technical, we talking legs, facial, and pubes as well...

Lets see where yall at.


Get Hip: Finale

Monday, January 5, 2009

^^This guy right here...seriously if you aint

Hailing from out of Detroit...home of some of the illest music ever made in history comes Finale. One of the dopest emcees Ive heard rhyme ever.

Real up. Again, just like the Gotta Be Karim post, I'm not saying this shit just cause this is a brother of mines. But GOODNESS. I remember like some odd 3-4 years ago (Yeah bro, its '09, the first time we spoke was THAT long ago) I forgot who hit up WHO first. But we were rapping through comments on myspace, I went to boy's myspace page and was just FLOORED by the music. Homie beat selection, and just how he was rhyming over the tracks. It was like homie didnt take breaths EVER.

And the same goes for the nigga's stage show. If you came to my album release party, you saw him rock out. Man this dude got up there by himself, and did those songs like it was nothing.

Now that sounds all easy right? But if you HEAR HOW HE SPITS...wheeeeew

...honestly I, VANDALYZM, would need a hypeman...flat the fiznuck out.

Anyhow, check this video boy YOUR BRUTHA BRUB put this jawn together. Peep how fast my nigga going over it...and peep the kid in the video getting his Errol Flynn on!! Detroit shit at its finest

Finale | All Day

^^ Click that to download that jawn! (Word to Kenny Fresh, I lost my copy of this, thanks fam)

and peep this video...

him going hard with my homegirl Invincible (WHADDAP HOMAY!!!) another ill ass Detroit emcee. Shit emcee period.


Oh yeah...and if you dont remember...he is on the jawn "Three The.." featuring myself and Wafeek from my album "Megatron Majorz"

Download that song here


The boy's debut album "A Pipe Dream, and A Promise" drops THIS MARCH everywhere IN THE WORLD. My guy is about to do dont be the last to be like "yeah man that dude Finale is that deal" blah blah blah...GET HIP NOW!!!

...and if that aint enough could always go to and hear more.



Townhall Discussion: Our Sex Life Is Boring, Lets Choke Each Other!!! (Insight from Icy Mikew/added words from the kid himself)

(Word 2

yeah, thats something i won't get. when i'm usually doing my thing smashing i've never once said to my wife "choke me!!!!!". i just don't know how one gets around to even propositioning there partner with this order. are you watching a porno and you see dude plugging her nose while she is deep throating and she gets raccoon eyes. do you turn to her and say all sexy like "girl i want to cut off your air supply." or does she turn to you and say...."i've been wanting you to choke me for some time." i just wonder at what point does sex become that boring where choking each other spices it up. moving along...

on to the other portion of this ya dig is Autoerotic Asphyxiation, and what might that be you are asking? that is when you like choke yourself while strokin it. Me personally i've been a pro at masturbating since '94 and i have never once thought of choking my self. there have been court cases to see if the dead persons death benefits could be divided up, and if you are wondering YES they can be divided up. turns out that it is not the persons intent to die, but to repeat this act again. here is a link that will be more detailed.

here is another link but i am going to share some text with you.....

According to a report to the American Academy of Child Psychiatry, victims are typically ''happy, well-adjusted people'' who are ''found hanging by the neck, often wearing woman's clothing, apparently having died while masturbating.'' In their report, Dr. Stephen Rosenblum and Dr. Myron M. Faber note that ''the risks of sexual asphyxia are not well-known, and it could therefore be viewed as no more pathological than driving a car or motorcycle at high speeds.''

this is coming from doctors mind you and that one scenario is hilarious to me. but me driving my car 120mph on the Dan Ryan Expressway is the exact same thing as some dude choking himself while stroking it. WTF?????? not even close. if i visit free of a noose, i have a 100% chance of having a good time and living. if i use a noose i got a 50 50 chance to come out of it alive. i don't like those odds, turns out i will just pass on that fun time.

teens even have choking parties. what the hell happened to just getting high or drinking likka? more linkage i just don't get it, i'm glad i missed that train, i'll stick to the tried and true choke free methods.

(Vandalyzm's two cents)
lol @ that above...but honestly ITS THE TRUTH.

**Warning the following has some colorful language. Lets all be mature here**

But my question to you all is this...shit women as a whole...why do you enjoy being demolished in the bedroom? We aint even talking about the choking (which I know some of yall are down with it.) No complaints either, but its like why do you like to get spanked, gagged, hot wax poured on, smacked with dongs, all of this shit that honestly if we did it in public we would get cursed out, stole on, or arrested for?? I mean us as straight men we aint gonna tell you NO, or NOT GONNA DO IT...cause we want you to be pleasured. But what is so endaring about being punished in the bedroom from time to time? And that goes for completely beating it up all crazy and going extra deep in it knowing you hitting her in her kidneys n shit. lol

discuss amongt yourselves. I'm taking a coffee break.



(My theme song for 2009)

^^^ My sentiments exactly.


HAHAHA!! The studio version goes SO FUCKING hard


Marsha Ambrosius (From Floetry) - Yours Truly the Mixtape (Hosted by Don Cannon)

(word to The Smoking Section)

Yeeeep. The Songstress herself Marcia Ambrosius has dropped a mixtape completely produced by the boy Focus. And if you dont know who that is, its Dr Dre's protege'. The boy is a FOOL on the beats.

Peep this jawn "Co Star" from the mixtape...dope ass Rose Royce flip...



My boys Marvwon and Quest McCody go HARD...

I mean, we've seen battles all the time...but these two are FUCKING HILARIOUS.

Me and Marv had one of the illest joning battles over AIM in life lol.

TOO funny


Now...maybe I'm on coke...but...

Watch this video...

And tell me whats COMPLETELY wrong in it. I will give no hints...this is a study in the mental of today's people.



The Weekly Kegel: Thee Story (Prod. Vandalyzm)

Friday, January 2, 2009

Yeaaaah...ya boy, here again with another joint.

I did this shit a while ago, just fucking around with the storytelling. I think it came out real dope.

Oh yeah, and at the end, if you think thats Gotta Be are sorely wrong. It is none other than Trackstar The DJ doing a SPOT ON imitation of that guy...I played this for Karim he was like "Nigga when did I record this" no bullshit hahaha!!

^^ Click that link to download that!!

Shit...while I'm at it...

I'm feeling EXTRA generous...blame it on the new year n shit. Here's a previously undownloadable freestyle from the kid (unless you grabbed my sampler mixtape, which isnt up anymore) "The Vandilla"

^^Click that to download that TOO!!



Question of the Day: What would YOU do in this situation??

Word to CNN for the pic and story.

Anyhow, the man above, Jeffrey Adams, was out with his friends snowmobiling on a mountain.

Huge avalanche comes down, wipes them all out. He digs himself out, 8 people come to help him and contact emergency as well. At that time ANOTHER avalanche comes down. He again is close t to the surface, struggles but gets out. Sees nobody around, but one of his friends, helps to free him. They are looking for more folks when they hear one of his friends voices. As he's going towards the voice they hear the snow crack again, its gonna come crashing down. He tells his boy "I'm sorry but we have to go" and him and the other guy run off...

The next avalanche comes down. But luckily it doesnt kill the guy who they heard. They go back to get him after that. They think about grabbing one of the snowmobiles that wasnt damaged by the snow...but they hear another crack and decide to escape.

8 people lost their lives...

Now my question, is kind of a three part question. Number 1, how would YOU have handled that situation differently? Number 2, do you think how he handled the situation with his homeboy that he heard screaming for him was okay? And number 3, if you were the dude screaming for him, but he came back after you could have died AGAIN, once you got over the initial shock of it all...would you be mad at him? Or could you understand his stance?

Lets see what yall think.


Song I Wish I Wrote: "Be With You"

This is a new series of joints I will randomly post...just honestly to get you into my mind state. Cause I think some folks think they got me pegged sir

Starting with this...This song goes SO hard to me...and as a youngin I just remember thinking "Man I wish I made this joint"...yep at 7 years old.

"Be With You" by Mr Big