Alone in the crowd...

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Picture and the song speaks volumes...

(please excuse the rambling, I'm just going off the top with this one)

Anyhow, folks in the industry say you should always "put on face" and never give your real self to the masses. I dont feel that is cool. But at the same time I understand them. I feel like you need to have a happy medium. Be real with the folks, but dont give them'll have nothing left.

So with that being said, I know shits been a lil sparse round these parts as far as updates go. Thats my fault. But thats the beauty of what I do here at the cant EVER say I dont keep it one with yall.

Anyhow, I dont know if folks can sense the greatness, or whatever that is coming up...clearly its some shit I dont see. But you ever felt like you were just surrounded by complete utter fakeness?

Every other day I'm getting word back to me, that this nigga said this, or this nigga said that. Notes in my honesty box on facebook, telling me to watch out for folks I hang with cause they plotting against me, but they wont say who.

...lets not even get started on the females. My ex, and info she gave me on forum posts keeping tabs on me and chicks I take pics with and who know my relationship status' will keep me FOREVER secretive about who I see or speak to...

End all be all is this, I took this game on like a marrage, till death...

But folks, who are born with morals and honor, will get swallowed whole because the majority of people deal in life like fuck niggas. Some are born fuck niggas, and some convert to being fuck niggas because they gotta survive. And in some instances, I really cant even blame them.

I'm really trying my damness to not become the latter. I dig the fact that I can talk to anyone at anytime, and that folks should feel good enough to just walk up to me and rap with the kid. I dont like when folks make a big deal about me or anything I do, because I'm just doing what I was put on this earth to do. At the end of the day I'm just a grown ass man who breathes oxygen.

Folks have applauded me for being that way, but at the same time I see how it makes me vulnerable for attack from folks. And I dont dig that one bit. I dont know why me being that way, gives people the ideal that I'M A BITCH, or that I'M SOFT.

Well, please know, thats FAR FROM THE FACT.

I wouldnt have made it through my hood, shit let alone through family gatherings being soft like that. I just choose to not show that side of me, but please know it can come, and you can meet that nigga gladly.

I hope I didnt offiend or confuse anyone with this post, I was just being honest and speaking from the heart and mind.

I thank all of my fans, supporters, and real friends for being there for me when others never were. As many times as Ive wanted to give up, I never did cause of yall. That simple.

I wont let you down, just help me out with motivation...cause doing this shit is alot like playing in the grass with a white outfit on. You trying your BEST to not get dirty, but possible is it REALLY to stay clean.

Yall be peaceful, and God-like