Get Hip: Finale

Monday, January 5, 2009

^^This guy right here...seriously if you aint

Hailing from out of Detroit...home of some of the illest music ever made in history comes Finale. One of the dopest emcees Ive heard rhyme ever.

Real up. Again, just like the Gotta Be Karim post, I'm not saying this shit just cause this is a brother of mines. But GOODNESS. I remember like some odd 3-4 years ago (Yeah bro, its '09, the first time we spoke was THAT long ago) I forgot who hit up WHO first. But we were rapping through comments on myspace, I went to boy's myspace page and was just FLOORED by the music. Homie beat selection, and just how he was rhyming over the tracks. It was like homie didnt take breaths EVER.

And the same goes for the nigga's stage show. If you came to my album release party, you saw him rock out. Man this dude got up there by himself, and did those songs like it was nothing.

Now that sounds all easy right? But if you HEAR HOW HE SPITS...wheeeeew

...honestly I, VANDALYZM, would need a hypeman...flat the fiznuck out.

Anyhow, check this video boy YOUR BRUTHA BRUB put this jawn together. Peep how fast my nigga going over it...and peep the kid in the video getting his Errol Flynn on!! Detroit shit at its finest

Finale | All Day

^^ Click that to download that jawn! (Word to Kenny Fresh, I lost my copy of this, thanks fam)

and peep this video...

him going hard with my homegirl Invincible (WHADDAP HOMAY!!!) another ill ass Detroit emcee. Shit emcee period.


Oh yeah...and if you dont remember...he is on the jawn "Three The.." featuring myself and Wafeek from my album "Megatron Majorz"

Download that song here


The boy's debut album "A Pipe Dream, and A Promise" drops THIS MARCH everywhere IN THE WORLD. My guy is about to do dont be the last to be like "yeah man that dude Finale is that deal" blah blah blah...GET HIP NOW!!!

...and if that aint enough could always go to and hear more.