Question of the Day: What would YOU do in this situation??

Friday, January 2, 2009

Word to CNN for the pic and story.

Anyhow, the man above, Jeffrey Adams, was out with his friends snowmobiling on a mountain.

Huge avalanche comes down, wipes them all out. He digs himself out, 8 people come to help him and contact emergency as well. At that time ANOTHER avalanche comes down. He again is close t to the surface, struggles but gets out. Sees nobody around, but one of his friends, helps to free him. They are looking for more folks when they hear one of his friends voices. As he's going towards the voice they hear the snow crack again, its gonna come crashing down. He tells his boy "I'm sorry but we have to go" and him and the other guy run off...

The next avalanche comes down. But luckily it doesnt kill the guy who they heard. They go back to get him after that. They think about grabbing one of the snowmobiles that wasnt damaged by the snow...but they hear another crack and decide to escape.

8 people lost their lives...

Now my question, is kind of a three part question. Number 1, how would YOU have handled that situation differently? Number 2, do you think how he handled the situation with his homeboy that he heard screaming for him was okay? And number 3, if you were the dude screaming for him, but he came back after you could have died AGAIN, once you got over the initial shock of it all...would you be mad at him? Or could you understand his stance?

Lets see what yall think.