WOMAN LAW VIOLATONS???? (with input from the Kid himself)

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

(Dont ask me why I chose this pic, I thought it was funny. **She look like Gravy, playing Big in Notorious** Anyhoo, shoutout to my homegirls Tiffany and Fran Fran for dropping this note on Facebook, I thought it was hilarity, but at the same time TRUTHFUL...so here goes)

While talking to Fran.. We were just discussing a lil bit of this a lil bit of that.. And we were both tripping off off certain relationship issues....

Ladies Its 2009, Yall should have gotten this right by now.. There are CERTAIN things that as a WOMAN u MUST do.....

Please feel free to add to this....


(oh, and dont just GIVE HEAD, like ENJOY that shit. You think US MEN are stupid, we TOTALLY know the difference. And any many will tell you, a woman who LOVES giving head, is our best friend.)

#2 If you capable of cooking, Do so for your man

(Yes...Yes...YESSSSSSS!!! LOL.)

#3 If your living in the same house...Keep him happy so he's not at anybody else house..



There is NO reason ur live-in man should be calling me to do these for him.. (WLV)


#4. Remeber when u met him? You wer FLY... Keep it that way.. He was attracted to you because of what he saw and probably a lil bit of what you said... Dont think cause GOT him u dont have to stay lookn fly.

(Dont even get me started on this one. Too many times ive seen the whole "Shit well I got em, fuck it, I aint gotta impress him no more" syndrome go down. And I'm here to say ladies...FUCK THAT SHIT. Flat out, we like to be dazzled and swept off our feet as well. If we falling off in that department you got the right to bitch as well. But dont think just cause we there, it means its time for you to rock sweatpants all day. GTFO with that one yo...carry on ladies)

#5. WORK....If ur man has a good job, that doesnt mean quit yours... Yall are a team
(hahahahaha...thats all I wanted to say)

#6. Lady in the Streets, Freak in the sheets..
(Last thing we want, is it to be in reverse, or to have two of the same. Meaning lady in streets, lady in sheets, freak in streets, freak in sheets...you get what I'm saying? Neither one of those are fun. Oh and we so rather TEACH you new shit, than you to TEACH us...just helping you out here...women think being EXPERIENCED is a good look...sorry to tell you...ITS NOT.)

These are the top 6.. If your not doing these.. Please step out of line and let him be on his way..

**side note** U never know who's waiting on the sidelines to scoop up your man and do what YOUR NOT doing...Please fill free to add to the WLV....

**Vandalyzm's Input**

LOL, now with all of that being said. Leme gone head and put my two cents into it.

Flat out, if you have a man, or if you are working to get one...he shouldnt have to ask you for anything that SHOULD be a given. And vice versa. I just wanted to touch on that situation more because it aint just about sex you dig? Its always someone waiting on you to fail...period. Its about realizing the amazingness that is your partner at ALL times. And knowing that its not a given that they are there with you. So to BOTH sexes, it should NEVER be a situation where your mate is in NEED. And I'm not talking monatary items...that shit is pointless...but yall know what I'm speaking on. Cause again, what you wont do, he/she will without asking. Eff all that 80/20 shit, if your mate is complaining about some shit that you can EASILY clear up ON YOUR OWN, either do it, or I'm sure they will find someone who can.

...on some real G shit. lol (Whadaaap Tony!)

Oh yeah, imma end it all with a joke.

What does a woman do with a black eye?

Huh? Anyone??

...The dishes if she knows whats good for her.


**runs because I know imma catch SHIT for that joke**