Monday, July 6, 2009

Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah...I already know...

its been ages since ive updated on this jawn. But yall gotta understand...

a nigga was TIRED.

Not just of blogging. But everything and everyone. I was tired of life in general, and everything in it. I Wasnt a very happy person, and things were falling apart around me. You could say I was in a real bad space.

But dont cry for me Argentina...ya nigga is back, and improved...mo' betta if you will.

ven mo' sexier!!!!

(niggas dont hate, that wasnt for yall lol)

lol...but no seriously. On top of that, my plate was DUMB full yo. Beyond working on the re-release of Megatron Majorz (more on that later), the new (double) album, a European/Aouth American exclusive mixtape, my radio show with DJ Trackstar, Finsta, and DJ Jamad on Sirius 40 Hip Hop Nation, and also NOW writing for Delux Magazine (http://www.deluxmag.com), blog writing took up all the time I needed to get those things done.

But nah, we gotta keep it going, cause Superill.net is a damn movement...feel me??

So I mos def got a lil help this time as far as the blog posting goes, just to keep things a lil more in motion this way :)

With that being said, more new music, coming REAL soon. Imma have a blog post in a second making EVERYTHING more clear as far as what I'm doing with my movement. Which is now again back to a dolo one **crowd goes "awww!"** But NO! I'm happy that way :)

I'm officially letting the rest of the world know, that didnt know...

I am NO LONGER a member of the Hall of Justus.

No shots to the crew, or beef in any way. The cats who I still hold a dear camaraderie with over that way know its nothing but love from the kid. But things were made clear to me, and I just needed to go about this my own way....

...and I couldnt be happier.

Like the song above says in the chorus...I'm GOOD. Any way you slice it, God got me, and he been had me, as bad as things might have been...God aint EVER let me fall on my face. Period.

God bless to you all. And thank you to EVERYONE who has stood beside me through all of this. Some of you werent even aware that this crazy ish was going down with me...

...that just means I'm a damn good actor lol.