Question of the Day: Are you HONESTLY happy?!

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

And be HONEST with this question. If you are..why? If you arent...why not?? What would make you happy??

I wanna see the answers I get in this one :)


Question of the Day: Ladies...Baths or Showers??

Monday, December 29, 2008

Sounds like a simple question in itself...but honestly it isnt. Cause ive heard conflicting stories onto WHY some women dont bathe, but only shower. And ive heard conflicting stories to where why some women dont SHOWER but BATHE....

So I ask...what do YOU do, and WHY? Feel free to break it down, cause I think it needs to be broken finally for all the world to know :)


The Pokery: THE Video

Yes...The Force MP's(Myself, Carla, and Tre-Monkeyface) showing you how to waste complete time in a Grammy Award Winning studio...

Everything in this song was made up from scratch...lyrics, music, all that shit...WE KILT IT!!!



Dummy of the Day: Ransom (and every other gangsta rapper)

**Please dont take this post as me condoning any violent acts in any way shape or form. I dont, and cannot stand for any of it. Nor can I side with either artist. Some things just have to be addressed**

Aight, so to give you some slight background. Joe Budden and Ransom used to be in the same crew (Desert Storm), Joey as a solo artist, Ransom as a member of the group The A Team. Desert Storm really aint no more, Joey got his own shit going on, and Ransom and the other dude broke up the group.

Ransom mad cause Joey aint reach back, or felt like he should reach back.

Joey like "He got his own shit to worry bout, he sorry he couldnt do it like he feels he should"

Ugly words are shot back and forth, diss records, albums blah blah.

All gets to THIS level.

Now this video was released earlier this week from Sir Budden himself.

^^ funny shit...ignorant...but funny...

Ransom's response?


What the fuck just happened?


aight...flat out. Just on the video alone. Dog...YALL CROSSED THE LINE.

I aint siding with NOBODY. But I just know some shit you dont do to a grown man:

1)Pistol Whip (Saying basically you arent worth killing, I will beat you with something I can kill you with)

2) Spit On another grown man


3) SMACK another grown man.

And real talk, homie and cry or run or nothing, he got smacked, and just closed the door. That shit, I would be worried about. Real talk, his reaction was just not of normal type. on video talking about how niggas is snitching when you PUT THIS OUT ON THE NET. That is assault. If homie wants to press charges, he can and could WIN. Just on the strength of the video placed out.

On top of homie...this shit has gone waaay too far.

I guess, I just come from a different breed of niggas. Like I'm far from gangsta, but I was brought up by some cats you would call that. And thats all imma say...

...those cats would NEVER say shit about ANYTHING to ANYONE who had NOTHING TO DO with what they were doing


Shooting vids, brandishing weapons, and bricks of coke and all of yall are STUPID for that shit.

Then niggas wanna say"Man the hip hop police is out."

Dog listen, you talk about how cheap your dope is, they know your records aint selling but you driving a lambo, you going into interviews talking about "I'm just keeping it real"...

guess what, if i was a cop? I would arrest you dumb ass muthafuckers too!!

Like aight...(True Story) its like me saying this KARMALOOP RIGHT NOW, DEC 29th, is having a 60% off sale that ends in 15 hours (8 am central time now) if you use the code HOLIDAYS, I cant get mad and be like "Man why folks going to buy shit cause I said for them to buy it?" Dude I said it, told em it was true, folks went and copped it cause they were told it was the truth. Thats their job as a consumer.

Now if you saying the shit is entertainment...I totally see where your anguish would come from. But no you dumb ass niggas, that shit comes from sheer stupidity. You figure you can just go about taping crimes, putting guns on DVD's and think that Cops wont come looking for you, or wont say anything? You got it wrong.

Okay, now lets move past the cops. Dog you defaced this man in front of MILLIONS of people. Where does it go after that? In my mind, like everyone else mind, niggas gotta get touched(killed). Flat out.

But if you get touched, who's the folks gonna look at first? Joey right? Okay.

So its like...why even GO THAT HARD? If you wanted to do that, DONT BRING CAMERAS.

You took it to the next level...and thats just not cool...on both accounts.

I gotta give the slight edge to Joey though...cause of this rebuttle...

Black people...lets do better...seriously. Kids, AND COPS are watching. Folks could be doing something other than this...


A legend has passed: RIP Eartha Kitt

THIS WOMAN IS AMAZING...Christmas day...we lost a legend yall...

^^ My favorite song from the lady herself. Goodness she was just awe inspiring in this piece...

may she rest in peace.


The Club Scene: I'm Surrounded by Idiots Pt. 1





^^ If that is your mindstate...please die.

Die real hard for me. In the most violent way possible.

Like for seriously, I do promotions, and with my crew and a few of our fellow promotion comrades we have this conversation ALOT.


If you came to dress decent, grab a drink, and stand around,


Seriously. What the fuck are you doing on the dance floor STANDING.

That is the dumbest shit ive ever saw in my life. Folks come to the club to be seen. WT2 (What the deuce) no bitch you go to get out and dance and have fun and meet folks.

Thats kind of the purpose of it all...TO BE SOCIAL...hence the term SOCIAL CLUBS...shorten that to CLUBS...where your dumb ass is standing right now doing what?

Broads, if you came to the club with ya girls, and yall got yall lil skirts on n shit, and you aggy cause dudes are hollering at you STAY YOUR DUMB ASS AT HOME.

CHICK you wore that shit cause you knew it would get attention, now you getting attention and you mad? Look ugly in the club then. No you dont wanna? Then shut the hell up and party, just tell that nigga no, and keep it pushing.


You walk your ass in the club, with a hot ass mink on (gay for one, but a whole 'nother story), you pay over $100 to get a table in VIP for you and ya boys. Yall get bottles, and yall just stand and drink from these bottles in this one small area that you shelled out ALL THIS MONEY FOR.

Dumb could have went to the local grocery store, copped them same bottles for 60% cheaper, invited your homeboys over, and played dress up with your mothers mink ALL AT HOME.

Like that shit is so stupid. "Ay yall, folks can see us, we in this small ass area of the club and we have bottles of liquor. WE ARE IMPORTANT!!!"

No you are not, you are a dickhead. If you arent having a party IN ANY WAY or celebrating something, THIS IS NEVER OKAY.

Or the last event the crew (SYGU STAND UP) had for Christmas, some broad was talking as I was walking past and I overheard her saying some shit to the tune of

"Man I wish they would stop playing so much old school stuff."

Look here, dumb hoodlum (YEAH I SAID THAT SHIT). You wanna hear "Stanky Leg" and "Buss it wide open" take ya wack ass across the street.

Oh but you wont will you?

Why? Cause this party is FREE. And instead of us playing everything that you can get at ANY club (hence you having two other options within a block from each other), you wanna get in the free club AND dance to the same shit you heard on the radio 20 times before you got there?








Guys: Aight I know you might have came there with ya boys. And yall kicking it, thats all love and shit. But slow jam comes on, or some dancehall drops on the tables, and you see all these women grinding by themselves, or ON EACH OTHER...


What the hell is the problem, I see this violation more in the streets than anything. Why is standing with your boys looking cool more important than a girl rubbing her fat ass against you? You like manbutt? Is that it?

Cats FLAT OUT DONT SLOW DANCE NO MORE. I'm sorry, if a slow jam come on, I'm grabbing someone, and we rocking out. That simple.

These dudes will will stand with their boys, but let THEIR jam come on, they will dance with each other

looking like these niggas:

"Yall niggas gay." (c) Riley

Chicks: okay, real talk...guys its NEVER okay to grab on women IN ANY WAY unless she wants you to. If she aint ask you, never grab.

But real talk ladies...if you out scantily clad, and a guy comments on any part of your body you have exposed...YOU CAN NOT GET MAD EVER!

If you didnt want them to notice, you wouldnt have it out right? RIIIGHT?!?!

Thats like me getting mad cause folks keep talking about how handsome I am (Cause lord knows they do, lmao jooookes.) If i aint want it guess what I would rock? You got it, A SKI MASK!

You knew your ass looked fat in them jeans, you knew your breast were out, you knew your legs were looking all scrumptious n shit. You wouldnt have put baby oil gel on em if you didnt want em to be seen lol.

So if homie comes to you and he's like "Hey, those are some nice breast" just say thank you and keep it on pushing. He's telling you that you wanted someone to notice, and he did, so good job at bringing attention to your chest.

I'm just a little jaded with the folks now, and what they consider "living the life" and they really arent living at all. Like I'm in spots, and I see that folks LIVE for this moment. The moment, to rock their new outfit from the mall, and stand in one place and be important. They then go home to their lonely lives, and go to work...wash, rinse, repeat.

Its so much out there...the world is so much bigger...please expand your mind.

early...never later.


LAYGTH: Imagine Tupac...

I dont condone much joking with the deceased...

But this right here...

The picture along with the song? How Tupac is just nestling him in his arm.

The "Diddy Dee" at the end of the first high note. The last high note

I will give you $5 if you dont laugh at this...

"Okay this is Tupac, original dance mix take two..." <---The fuck?? *dies of laughter*


The Weekly Kegel: Mirror, Mirror (Christmastime edition BITCH!)

Thursday, December 25, 2008

HO HO HO to all you hoes out there! Its the Weekly Kegel from ya boy boy Vandalyzm

Yeeep...this jawn...unreleased, and its a demo of a song I plan to release fully in the future...but because I love yall, imma drop it now...yeeep.

its called "Mirror Mirror"






Wafeek "The Hollows"

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Another video from my homeboy...Check how he get wreck...

The Hollows from Allah Wafeek on Vimeo.

And if you STILL dont have the Aristocrats mixtape...the fuck is your problem




My Favorite Mixtape of the moment...


I met this cat Lazurus outside of the "Dream Merchant 2" album release party in North Carolina. We rapped, seemed like a real good genuine dude. And I knew homie could spit, but I accidentally left the cd's he gave me in NC.

Follow up a whole year later

I heard this one song "Look At Me Now" on his myspace page and went STUPID over it. Finally got to download the whole tape...



Yeah...imma put up two jawns, but if you into gritty ass drum loops and rapid fire lyrics...right up your alley. I present Lazurus- Raw, Uncut, and Lactose Free


YESSSSSSS!!! Dopest mixtape this year??? Just might be in my eyes...


Get Hip: Gotta Be Karim

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Anyone that knows me, knows who this man is above.

The name is Gotta Be Karim.

Flat out, one of the illest folks on the planet...and also one of the illest cats I know.

I mos def didnt make him apart of the "GET HIP" section just because I know the man. I mean knowing me does help a tad, but lets be frank here. HE'S not wack, and 90% of the folks you listen to are beneath him music wise.

*Dead ass serious look on my face*

From the insanely clever wordplay, to his beat selection, to his stage presence, the boy gets it in. If you arent hip to his music, you really need to be. Cause wherever I'm going, he's gonna be there, and vice versa.

He dropped the "Bean Pie" ep earlier this summer, and of course cause I'm the super nice cat that I am, I got you on lock FOR DE FREE!!!

Production by myself, and the world famous Black Spade me, if you dont download this you will be sorry.


Here's some footage of us performing "Swagger Back" off the EP (produced by that nigga named ME!! lol)

hit the boy up at he will hit you right back...

*Some one from the crowd says* "SAY SWURR!"

my reply??




Biking for Obama: This is ill...

So my boy Julian in LA hit me up a month ago (WHADDUP HOMAY!!) and he only hits me up on the phone (cause boy knows I hate the phone, good lord) when its some big shit poppin. He's a move maker like that lol.

Anyhow, being the forward thinking cat that he is, he hips me to his homie he goes to college with, a brother by the name of Ryan Bowen (Feel free to facebook him).

(^^ Pic of Julian *left* and Ryan *right*)

Give me a little background on boy. Then hits me with the ill shit.

He tells me, his homie was in the process of shooting a documentary on life changers in different cities, but was SO MOTIVATED by Obama winning the presidency, that he felt like he needed to do more. He felt like he needed to show his appreciation, and his dedication to change. Homeboy said,

"He decided that he's gonna bike from LA to DC in time for the inauguration. Shooting footage of the folks all through the process."

Of course, I was wowed, not just cause of the feat at hand. But because I knew the two of them were DEAD ASS SERIOUS.

I got to talk to the brother Ryan for a couple hot seconds too...even though our convo was short you felt the sincerity in his energy...

This boy is gonna do it.

I told them, whatever in my power I can do, I'm down man. Cause I dont have the balls to do it, and honestly am ashamed that I dont. I wish I could be this dedicated to make a statement you know?

Homie is rolling on bare minimums, he basically calculated that its gonna cost him money wise about 2,000 bucks to make it the whole way. He went and found an old bike, took it to a bike shop and had it refurbished. And left out of LA on December 2nd...

...he is now in Texas.

Please show your support. Go to

just read up on his travels, comment on the blogs. Cop a Tee in support. Post videos. IF you want to donate, do so as well.

And if he comes to your town, show the boy some love...real rap.

He gives you the play by play in word and picture form at the site so go HARD on there!

Like my boy Icy Mike said "Be More..."

...we all should.


Man Law: NEVER OKAY to describe the complexion of another man...

So yeah...this has happened to me twice in my life this year...and honestly I felt completely violated when it happened.

Once with my cousin.

Iwent to pick him up from my aunts, and he was like "Yo do you know this cat named (blah blah)? He lives right across the street from me"

i'm all like "(Blah blah), nah that name doesnt strike anything. What boy look like?"

He was all like "Yeah he's like a little shorter than you, kind of skinny..."

then he took it to the next level...

"...and he caramel skinned"

My facial expression?

Another instance...

Rapping about some shit, with my homie, imma leave his name out, but he's a blogger here **looks his way** and he was talking about how one of his black homies was going around telling folks that they are real brothers. And my dude was like "yeah its funny cause he's like medium-skinned"

so of course I asked "The fuck is medium skinned?"

...cause I cut all words off that come before "Fuck" in a sentence, its just how I talk...keep up with me...

anyhoo, he was like "Yeah you know, like chocolate..."

my face went all like:


Now everyone that knows me, I'm honestly one of the most confident in myself niggas in the WORLD. But I do feel like some shit should NEVER be done:

-Men should never tell a man how his jeans look on him

-Men should never eat bananas unless they are cut up. Period.

-No Ice Cream Cones ever...



Like sitting here telling me "His skin looks like chocolate" I'm about to be like



Or being like "his eyes are like cornflower blue, like pools of hope and motivation" IS NEVER OKAY.

Quit looking in his eyes that deep queermo.


The Kang has spoken...

now you speak on it. Good day folks.


Tubesteak exposes David Banner

Now this giving back to the hood...

Is SUPERILL approved

YAE! (c) David Banner


Dummy of the Day: Carlos Boozer

Monday, December 22, 2008

Aight THIS MAN stupid.


Okay so earlier last week. Carlos Boozer, who plays for the Utah Jazz, which with him they have a pretty solid ass team, decides to announce that he would be opting out of his contract at the end of the year. Stating he wants to take his chances getting more money and hes sure that he'll land on his feet somewhere...

A few days later...what happens???

Its announced that he's getting MRI surgery on his injured quadriceps tendon.

Did I mention this injury has kept him out of 17 games????

...did I also mention that this is his THIRD MRI SURGERY?!

Now Carlos...I ask you.


Nobody is? You are a risk.

Good job. Now pray that the Jazz will take you back after you've asked for forgiveness.

Put me in the position of being a team owner...

IF and thats a strong IF I picked you back up. It would be a HUGE pay cut my nigga.

I'm talking GIANORMOUS nigga. HUGANTIC homie....


Enjoy that dunce cap.


I lost my job friday...

They did a massive layoff.

My job, along with 20 of my peers was taken away...

I knew it was coming friday, but that morning I woke up to this:

Courtesy of

^^^ Click the link to read the article.

But all I can say to that is THANK YOU GOD.

Flat out. For those that know me personally know my struggles with the gig that I had. And that I wanted out of it, but wasnt sure if it was the right time(recession folks), or the right thing to do. Folks know ive been being insanely prayerful, and it sounded as if God was telling me to let the job go. I wasnt sure if it was me talking (Cause I hated the job), or really what God's will was.

Looks like he forced my hand lol.

As happy as I am, Im sad for the rest of my comrades. For they arent in such a blessed position. Some have mortgages, kids...

...shit some got both.

Nothing about friday was joyus for them, for they were just losing their jobs with nowhere to go. A week notice and no severance pay.

So of course I felt horrible.

I feel like the thing I prayed for, was their demise in a way...

Yeah...I do...

But at the same time I'm going to put this time to good use! I really need to record and get this mixtape as well as all the projects listed in the above article DONE!

So just pray for me, and my ex co-workers right now. We all need it. Imma need ALL OF YALL support. So if that means just telling folks to come to the blog, download a song, whatever SPREAD the word. I'm doing this not just for me, but for all of us. Real rap.

Thanks again

(Oh yeah, folks who know me well will appreciate the subtle humor in the pic above)


Kidz in the Hall in the booth on "The Deal"

Friday, December 19, 2008

Yeah...peep my boys Naledge and Double O get down in the booth...boy Double O brought his own drum pads and they went there in it...


Be looking out for that NaledgexVanda...oh damn...I think ive said too much.

Ah well...yep


LAYGTH: My favorite pics of the this year pt 1

Yeah...its what I do...find funny shit on the net, and I post it.

More coming...


The Weekly Kegel: Okay, Alright

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Yeaaah...this a joint...something old that I never released. A real fun song that I wish I would have put out, well...shit I'm putting it out now. Me and all my homies were all just in the studio while I was recording, and I wanted to make some shit that sounded like a party. So here you go. Completely done in one was dope.

Two years old, so excuse the word "Swag" being used. Oh yeah, Dick Clark just had a stroke around the'll get it when you listen... LOL

feeling that??? Feel free to download it right here:




YEEEEEEEP!!! Both of these cats are like brothers to its your best bet to go ahead and download this joint of my nigga Khrysis' dopest beats of this past year, mixed by my guy DJ Rhettmatic of the WORLD FAMOUS Beat Junkies!!!

Real talk, we aint gonna talk about how my NAME was left off of "Money on the Table" eventough its the most known version in the streets...but whatever tho! Yall still my dudes, even Khrysis' ole ugggllasss lol



1. Intro
2. King Kong (Sean Price)
3. Awesome (The Away Team)
4. The Rap Game (Cormega ft. Little Brother)
5. Still Here (LEGACY)
6. Hearing Aid (Sean Price)
7. That N*gga (Jozee Mo)
8. Talkin Dirty (Ness)
9. Cool As A Fan (Little Brother)
10. Back At It (Little Brother)
11. Money On The Table (The Away Team)
12. N*ggaz Is Commin (Torae ft. Tash)
13. Starvation (LIttle Brother ft. Chaundon)
14. Can I Live (Chaundon)
15. Crazy (Rapper Big Pooh)
16. Keep It To The Side (Rapper Big Pooh)
17. Greedy (The Away Team)
18. After The Party (Little Brother)
19. Waitin On You (Kenn Starr)
20. Sick Em (Smif-N-Wesson)
21. One (Sean Price)
22. Something To See (Torae)
23. Psycho Ward (The Away Team ft. Sean Price)
24. Word Has It (Supastition)
25. Rize (Median)
26. Sum Of Me (The Away Team ft. Evidence)
27. Gun Rap (Smif-N-Wesson)
28. JM Heartbreak (Jozee Mo)
29. The Weirdo Zone (Joe Scudda)
30. Told You That (Chaundon)
31. Real Late (Peter Rosenburg ft. Phonte)

Download here:

Dont play yourself by not downloading this. If you love REAL DOPE ASS BEATS...I promise this joint is all you...


Icy Mike: Dear Vegan

***lol my dude Icy Mike at decided to get all indignant against I'm not saying that I share the same sentiments, but I mean...I really cant argue with the man...he has damn good points. Here's his blog called "Dear Vegan"***

Your cause is lame. Seriously you folks just need to like off yourself extra quick. You folks are so self-righteous, condescending and hypocritical it's crazy. Hardly any of you are truly healthy and take all kinds of herbal remedies and shit just to make up for what you are missing from meat. I know you folks crave meat otherwise places like Soul Vegetarian wouldn't exist, there food is like hard bread tofu protein and shit like that and fake meat like shit. Trust me on this your body actually craves that stuff, you are an omnivore after check the teeth in your mouth. The only thing worse then that shit is feeding your pet a vegetarian diet. Are you fucking retarded they are carnivores you asshole check there teeth.

You also if you are so concerned about the environment don't wear clothing from any store, knit your self a pair of trousers from all the weed you grow you douche. Also don't be all high and mighty when it comes to your car either. Dip shit you are still driving a car simple and plain. Stop acting like you really care about shit when all you care about is yourself. If you did care about others you wouldn't be so pushy with your beliefs, like the way you would get mad if a Mormon did the same shit to you. Yours is a belief not a proven scientific fact.

You are so concerned about the treatment of these animals and I say who gives a fuck they are live stock and stupid they have been bred for us to consume. What you want to put farmers of all kinds, butchers, grocery stores, slaughter houses out of business because of your belief? What a selfish cunt you are. You would rather give better treatment to these dumb animals then you would to undocumented workers, and gays, sounds pretty fucked up.

So, you might be asking what am I exactly saying. I am saying go live in the forest and live off of twigs and berries and see how long you last with out meat. Also shut the fuck up about organic anything, people have been doing quite well without all this extra labeling and shit. The next time I hear one of you douche fucks ask about organic wine or beer I'm going to kill you on spot…….that shit is poison when it becomes alcohol you fucking dummy.


Icy Mike

***Van Laughs Hard, then waits for the drama that is about the ensue from this post***

Ill Advice: Whats with the scary ass men nowadays??

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

I put that picture up of Mrs Basset because I knew that would be something that would scare this cat off. Anyhoo...

In our first edition of Ill Advice, where ya boy Vandalyzm weighs in on problems dealing mainly with male/female relations of some sort. My homegirl hit me up on this, and I made sure it was cool to post before I did. Please know I want yall to weigh in on it as well after you read. This is a team effort here lol.

Anyhow, I'm sure everyone here has received this text message in the past couple of weeks "Before 2008 ends, what is one thing that you and me need to do" and it asks you to forward it...blah blah blah. I totally didnt push it out, I was scared of the responses I would have got, I wont even lie hahaha.

Anyhow, this corny ass dude my homegirl be talking to from time to time sent it to her. And she kept it straight one with him. Her response was "We should have some wine, and have some sex".



Anyhoo, of course he was like "Oh hell yeah, we need to get that cracking off" whatever. So fast forward a week. We are all at a mutual friend's crib for the Golden Boy/ Pacquiao massacre that went down, for folks that didnt see the fight this is what happened:

^^ Like a couple million times, till De La Fruity was like:

"Nigga this hurt, I quit. Him making my brain feel all sloshy with his fist mama. I's tired, I think imma lay down now. *ringing in ear* AND WILL SOMEONE GET THAT GOT-DAMN FORBIDDEN PHONE!!"


yeah so, dude is there, chick is there...what you think was gonna happen?

They were gonna connect up, and bump gorillas right????


Homie hit her with the hug, and "I'm headed to the lounge with my boys" and rolled out on her.

So she, through out the night, hit him with texts just seeing what he was about to get into. He kept just being like "after the spot, nothing" with the response. So she was like "Van, I mean, why is he not coming at me right now? I threw it out there, and homie just like whatever about it."

Mind yall folks, shes a real cute girl, her body is on point and everything. I got a stable of my homies who want to get at her, so ugly aint the problem lol.

Anyhow, I told her, just text homie, say I put it out there, and you really not putting forth no effort to make this happen, whats the problem? His response will give you everything you need.

She did that. Now, what do yall think this cat response was?

"Well I feel like since you were the one with the ideal, I feel like you should be putting forth the effort to do it".

Yes. A grown ass man. "Straight" not so sure. But a grown ass man nonetheless, let that shit come out of his mouth to a woman who just THREW HIM the pantie draws.

Now before I posted this, I consulted with a few of my homies on said girl, and the situation at hand.

One of my boys was like, "Well maybe he just wasnt interested".

I felt that, but then I was like, if I was in his position, and I wasnt feeling the girl, I just wouldnt have responded. I wouldnt have ever sent the text to her. I wouldnt even allow her to let her UGMO fingers type something dirty to me like that. I would burn my phone, and then re-burn the ashes if she responded to me. And I really like my phone, so I avoid things of that nature, by not forwarding text to uggos. Simple right? Riiiiight.

So, I figured it out!!!

Dude is flat out LAZY.

I mean, we call this the "ATL Syndrome"

Why? Cause the ratio females to males there is like 8/1, and half of the dudes there are gay, so that really makes it like 16/1 hahaha. Jokes, but not playing.

So the straight dudes, they are like the females there. The chicks really gotta be on their shit, cause straight black males are sparse in that city completely. SO the chicks be straight going hard at the dudes, COURTING them, till they respond.

Lord forbid you got a job, car, AND YOUR OWN PLACE. Oh might just catch herperrhea(Herpes/Gonorrhea) from all the ass you about to get. LMFAO.

Now, its fun in theory, but real talk. Where I'm from, that shit JUST DONT FLY. And I'm not saying you gotta chase these broads out here. But if a chick you think is cute, you feeling her on that level, and she puts that out there, I mean nigga PUT EFFORT FORWARD. She just gave you the green liiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight (c) John Legend. You can at LEAST pick her up in the ride and take her to the Howard Johnson, and at least go DUTCH on that room. I mean damn, is that too much?

End all be all, to my homegirl, for SOME reason thinks he's entitled.

If you already gave him a pass, and he expects you to pick him up, take him to a movie, then whisper in his ear about how you gonna do him...then real rap...he likes manbutt.

I honestly think that any man who enjoys that Usher song, enjoys dabbling in man booty. Seriously. I dont care if you are slowdancing with a woman, that song is gay.

But back to what I was talking about. Thats a whole blog in itself.

*clears throat*

Guys, if you like manbutt, even if you like woman vageen, just be real with your partner. Seriously, you are confusing folks like my homegirl. LOL.

And if you are straight...please choke yourself until you get sleepy and pass out.

And with that, I'm outro.

Oh yeah, again...if you need ADVICE...hit me and my folks at

We got an answer for it all, I promise. Logic is something the masses lack. And we are filled with it. Why? Hoe cause we Superill!!



N*E*R*D*- Sooner or Later (Video)

Hands down my favorite song from the album...

**Hint Hint**


Tef Poe- Glory 2 God Mixtape (FREE DOWNLOAD!!!)

This a real close cat to me...but dont let that fool you...this nigga is a fucking BEAST. One of the forefront leaders in this STL hip hop shit. Just dropped his new mixtape, Glory 2 God in the streets and its been the number 1 selling hip hop album in Vintage Vinyl for the past month.

Well...I got it for the low...with his permission of course...

check these joints out

"So Fly" feat Kash

and "God Hop (a tribute to Dilla)"

if you feeling that shit...and I know you's the link to download the ENTIRE mixtape:


And if you feeling that, comment, go to vintage vinyl, the website or the store and COP A COPY...real talk. Show support...


Two of my favorite singers/songwriters of all time...

Monday, December 15, 2008

...recreating a jawn they created.

Good ole Michael McDonald (STL STAND UP) and Kenny Loggins.

Without these two, folks like Justin Timberlake and Robin Thicke wouldnt even be here.

Peep how they just changed the key of "What a fool believes" and slowed it down, and turned it into something completely different.

Goodness this shit almost makes me want to throw away the original one for this one.

Tell me I'm lying that they not the coldest...TELL ME I'M LYING!!!



Get Hip: Teresa Jenee (FREE EP DOWNLOAD!!!)

Yeep...this is a first for the Theill...but we gonna keep it going.

Its a segment I like to call Get Hip. Basically filled with music folks need to become more acquainted with...cause chances are you arent. And if you arent, then you are now...cause of me lol.

So with this one, I give you Teresa Jenee. Straight out of the STL

Insane vocalist, writer, and live performer. I swear this girl TEARS IT DOWN each time she touches that stage. Her style...I wont even try and box it in, cause the minute you think you got her pegged, you are completely off the mark. Just be open to hear just about ANY DAMN THING come out when she decides to sing, and know that chances are you will love it.

She just dropped an ep, FOR DE FREE on the net!!

It would be wise for you to download it here:

as well as enjoy her on myspace:



GI Joe: Body Massage

Yeah...this jawn is a classic, and I continue to laugh at it to this day.
Some cats decided it would be genius to do voice overs for all the PSA's at the end of each episode of old school GI Joe...and they were right.

..its so many but I will only post two...I present, Body Massage, and Pork Chop Sandwiches...


Every black person DOES NOT need to represent for Obama...

Yep...I know that title shocked you, and guess what, I dont care...

Me, Wafeek, the boy E, and Rob Boo were having this conversation last night. And real up, Wafeek said some shit in the convo that really struck with me.

"All these d boy ass niggas going around saying "Obama" every two seconds need to stop. It wasnt YALL who got that man in office, it was cats like us. Infiltrating the white community and letting them know that there are cool black people out there. Thats who got Obama in, not yall"

We laughed and laughed...but I knew it was some truth in it...

and then I saw this...the aftermath of the Dirty Awards in Atlanta this year...

now...I want you, to watch that ENTIRE video, and count how many times Obama was said. And by whom.


Or how when you in the club, the leader of the streets, the KANG OF THE TRAP song comes on "My president's black"...which the song has NOTHING to do with Obama in ANY way cause he still talking that hood shit, but all he says is "His president is black".

Real rap. I'm tired of it.

Folks be singing that "Yeah we did it, we here" shit since it happened. Dog you been selling drugs all day, and WE did it?

No the hell WE did not. Especially if YOU couldnt vote. YOU didnt do anything.

All of a sudden now Obama's in office, that seems to be the exclamation point towards anything that NEEDS to be positive, now that we have black representation. "We need to stop killing and selling drugs and hurting people, Obama yall"


Like that man's last name is the one thing that is gonna make dumb fucks stop acting like dumb fucks. WHEN YOU SHOULD HAVE BEEN TRYING TO CHANGE IT PERIOD

...way before that man even THOUGHT about stepping foot in office.

Like, dont change cause of him, cause once his two terms are over, are you really gonna keep it up? I mean will you? Just like you did in the video? "Fuck that nigga shawty lo but on the real, Obama. We hood niggas, Obama n shit, but we from the streets"


Stay there then, with your simple ass mentality. Goodness, how can folks take pride in such fuckery. Even Alfamega's apology for the tirade that took place that left like 20 people face first on the floor, cause of his fist, was smarter than the shit the rest of yall dumbasses are talking about.

...and that man is a ex con.

Never once did he use Obama's name in it. He knew what he did, and what he did was wrong, and realized how it looked, and was embarrassed. Thats all that needed to be said. I give him major props for that...

...but the rest of yall "AY YALL SMACK THAT BITCH ON THE ASS..OBAMA'S OUR PRESIDENT" ass cats...

do me a solid.

Take one of those small American flags, you know the hand held ones with the pointy end.

And jab it as hard as you can into your carotid artery... the name of Obama.


Dummy of the Day

Sunday, December 14, 2008

We were beginning to wonder if anything else was going to happen to top our last Dummy of the Day winner. But have no fear Iraqi terrorist are near! Well kinda. This one is so funny we had to give our first DOUBLE AWARD!

If you haven't heard a Iraqi "reporter" threw not one but BOTH his shoes at President Bush during a surprise visit and press conference in Iraq. The hurled shoes were apparently meant only to insult the President as some form of protest and not actually harm him (although I guess that depends on the size of the shoes).

So our #1 winner for todays award:


The Secret Service are supposed to be the EPITOME of personal security! So for a person, ANY PERSON to get off not one but TWO clean at the President is CRAZY! If I were Pres. Elect Obama I'd be taking interviews right now for a new chief of security. Let's keep it real people. You know somebody got ripped a new asshole not only for slipping but the public embarrassment this caused the President, US, and Iraqi government.

Speaking of which...

Our #2 winner is:


You ever heard the term "15 seconds of Fame" - I think that applies here. I have a strong feeling this is the first, last, and only 15 seconds that we will EVER see of this dude. You know why - because he is probably dead, done, deleted. You know how they get down in Iraq when you make them mad..

Ok that was harsh. But seriously think about it. While there is a 100% certainty that there were NO WEAPONS in this room. Its also true that anybody that was there had a background check and vetted (a la Sarah Palin). So I find it hard to understand how/why this man is still "the UNNAMED REPORTER". I think that our way of saying - "uh yeah - he's unavailable for comment - eternally". My point is this if you had to go out was it really worth it to toss your SHOES at a guy who isn't even going to be the President much longer. I'm thinking when this guy checked out (yeah I said it - past tense - he's a goner and if you believe otherwise you just stoopid) - he had 2nd, 3rd, and 4th thoughts about if this was really worth it in the end.

- Pol-E-Tix

This picture will continue to make me laugh

Friday, December 12, 2008

^^^ funny shit...but speaks volumes...



Jury cant decide if Brian Nichols should die.. **QUESTION OF THE DAY**

Thursday, December 11, 2008

**as reported by Fox 2 News**

"A jury has told a judge that it is unable to reach a unanimous decision on a sentence in the case against a man who killed a judge and three other people in a shooting spree that started in a downtown Atlanta courthouse.

The judge is calling the jury back into the courtroom to decide the next step. The jury has deliberated for almost 20 hours."

aight yall, I'm not sure if you are hip to this man's story. But he was ALREADY on trial for rape. And went REAL gansta...pulled a burner off of one of the CO's that escorted him in, and shot and killed the judge. Then he shot the court reporter, and then the sheriffs deputy. Then went on the run and killed ANOTHER cop.

Finally got caught. Killed a JUDGE and some cops. And the jury is like "I dont know."

Imma keep it one. I dont feel bad about cats trying to escape jail. But when you do it and just get to killing folks at will...I have a problem.

So my question today for yall is this. Should he get the death penalty, and also do you believe that some folks should die. Cause like I dont feel like the death penalty is cool, but imma be honest. Folks like Charles Manson and folks of that nature need to be wiped off the planet...


What do yall think??


View from above...

^^ fits my mood so well...

Imma speak from the heart yall, so bear with me. I could have spoken about a host of topics now, and I still will eventually. But as I was about to do so, this overwhelming feeling just came over me, and something was like "say this" so I am.

For those that know me, know that I'm not one who is at a loss for words, but its really hard to put into letters how I really feel right now.

I got it...

God is Good.

Its like this...folks see what I do, they hear about it, and they dont really ask me at times HOW I feel about what I do. When folks do, I kind of shrug it off, and normally give a "Meh" or "Its not that big of a deal, I'm just doing me" type of answer.

And honestly thats the wrong way to do it. It at times comes off cocky I know, but I really dont want to give it that much energy cause I dont feel deserving of the accolades. At times when I wanna jump in the air because of something wonderful in my life, you always got folks who think you are "bragging" or who are quick to shoot you down. And ive had this happen to me with some of my closer than close folks, so I really watch who I share that joy with PERIOD.

But seriously, its about this. I've been told alot of things in these past couple of years, and Ive heard what folks said, and kind of took it like "whatever man you're just talking" and kept it moving. Something just came over me today and was like, "Seriously Van, listen to them". I just got to thinking back to all that was and is said...

...what I do and what I say REALLY affects people.

When something major happens for me, I'm not just happy, there are people who support me, all over the GLOBE that are happy for me.

I mean, no bullshit. I made a song in my basement that folks in Japan love so much, that they are releasing it on an album there? An album I put out with my own money is being bootlegged in Kuwait, cats in Germany are such fans of my work they taped a song I did off the radio and made vinyl out of it for DJ's? How is this happening?

All of that...over a pen, a computer, and a windowless room at the bottom of my crib (my favorite writing place).

Or I ask a simple question on facebook, and get in my car, and drive to work and by time I log back on I got 50 responses? All from just seven simple words?

like I dont know what to make of it all. But its more than just me making music, or entertaining folks now. I see that I have a responsibility. That puts a whole new level of stress on it, because folks that believe in me, I dont ever want to let them down. When you keep hearing things like "You are the hope for the city" (not my words I promise) and ish of that you really gotta listen.

I'm not taking it to my head by a long shot...but I feel guilty, cause I dont feel worthy of any of the praise.

Why? I'm just doing what God put in me to do. The praise is his...

I'm beyond grateful. I just really dont want to let anyone down.

To anyone who has ever bought, downloaded, burned my music...
Came to my show, watched my shows on youtube...
Listened to me on interviews, read a blog...
Listened to my music on myspace...
Told someone about me, prayed for me, thought about me, love/loved me...

Thank you.

I thrive off of your positivity. It keeps me going. Just be with me as this new year comes along, cause things are really changing. More than I have the liberty to speak on at the moment. But I promise I do it for every one of you, especially my hometown of St Louis.

Thats all I wanted. I love you all.


Naledge (from Kidz in the Hall) Presents: Welcome to Brainiac Society vol 2

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Yeaaah...Naledge's volume 2 is up. The first one got over 10,000 downloads...Imma need you to download this one if you arent hip to the Kidz, Trackstar The DJ, (or anyone on this mixtape)

And what owner of the coolest blog ever is on this installment? Thats right, sir Vandalyzm and my boy Wafeek getting down on a new joint from my mixtape "B***h Cause I Felt Like It" called Yeahnaw.

**Track listing**

53rd is the ave-Fooch
Underground Kingz-Naledge
Not Inspiring-John Hill f. Royce da 5'9"
I Ain't Gotta Front-Bullet
So Good (Live from the Bar)-Statik Selectah f. Naledge, Reks, CL Smooth
Freestyle-Vic Spencer
Rep My Hood-Wafeek
Last Donut of the Night-Fooch
Mr Alladatshit-Kidz In The Hall
Players Anthem Freestyle-Naledge
Tell Me What You Want me to Do-Rockwell Knuckles
Baby I'm the Shit-Kidz in the Hall
Yeahnaw-Vandalyzm f. Wafeek
Earth Girls-Bullet
She's so 80s-Tim William
Here Comes the Sun-VerBS f. Gumshoe
Lil While-Janet Jackson f. Naledge
Dallas Lady-PPT
Make it Last-Kidz in the Hall
Lizzfields-Vic Spencer
All Night-Naledge
Hear That Shit-Naledge
2 Tha Chi-Fooch

Click here to download the goodness:

LETS GET IT FOLKS ...too much important free music, show some appreciation by commenting on it if ya doing mind!!


Laugh at this, and you are going to hell...

Classic youtube video...

If you arent hip...I present to you...

WIlford Brimley, The Beetus...

Folks who got low sugar bob your head to the beat!!!



The Weekly Kegel: Where I'm From

Yeaaaah yo...I already know, yesterday the boy was slacking on the posting of the blogs and all that goodness. I got good reason tho! I promise, yes huh I do!

Interviews, interviews, interviews...goodness.

Shout out to my guy Dee Dot over at Stay Hostin' @

Yeah, go there to that link, had a live on air interview with the boy. Its pretty funny. We go in on the state of hip hop, women (older women, yall know how ya boy get down), and drug dealers who should kill themselves. You can listen to a stream right on the page, or you can download it and drop it into your ipod. He plays a few joints from the album Megatron Majorz. I MOS DEF forgot to shout out Chaundon, Jozemoe, Dho, and bad yaaaalll!

...speaking of that you still NOT have that album...good lord why?

here...Merry Christmas from Soulful Santa (tm) lmao.


Besides that...The Weekly me leaking my music on the net just for the sake of it. Some old shit you prolly aint ever heard, some brand new shit I just felt like putting out. Sometimes I'll just put some shit up demo wise to see what you think. This week, I'm dropping the joint "Where I'm From", that was actually a demo joint that I performed alot...never had it out for folks to get. Its prolley the only reason why I got on with the HOJ (yeah right, lol).

Some might reconize a version of this diddy as a song on the "Soldiers of Fortune" album. Yeah, they remixed a song that I had on my demo that the rest of the world never heard, ill huh?

Tay and Pooh heard this joint and went stupid over it...hopefully you enjoy it as well...

Click Below to hear/download:

I know, some folks who know that song is like "Damn that sounds different" does. It was a redux of the original I was working on. Still working on, but whatever...enjoy!

...oh and why the Weekly Kegel? Lol, cause its all about keeping it tight. HAHAHAHA! OUTRO


Fuck yo Santa...

Why fool? Cause my Santa got soul.

(Click to Enlarge)

Thats right bitch...Soulful Santa (tm) is my Santa...and hes gonna punch your Santa's balls off!

I mean real rap. Black people. Some stuff, like just leave it alone. Some things just ARENT black, and we gotta face that, and let it be. White folks are at one with us dominating at sports, they get it and they dont really try and compete. Let them have Santa. Its theirs. He's white everywhere, this aint the bible, you cant go find scriptures that tell you that Santa was once black back in bc times.

Dude is white.
But whatever, lets get back to this amazing ass flyer. For $10, YOU TOO can have your child looking completely uninterested while a black man with a dirty ass lion's mane takes a picture with them.

This picture touches me on my angry part. And it touches me hard.

Seriously, why is his beard that dirty. Last time I checked grey hair was grey hair. Is it because he's black and homeless and on government support he cant afford shampoo but once a year he can afford to give kids presents in the hood? Especially at Afro World? Is that it? (Lets not forget they got them Obama hats from the chinamen shop on deck! Peep the flyer!)

Or what makes Soulful Santa (tm) Soulful?

My homegirl Tate's take on it all

"JUST HOW SOULFUL IS HE? Black man? Check. Black establishment? Check. Dirty ass beard? WTF."

Or real talk, notice how every time I type Soulful Santa (tm), I gotta put Soulful Santa (tm)

Why? Nigga cause its trademarked.

You bet not EVER think about stealing Soulful Santa (tm) and putting him in your town. The real Soulful Santa (tm) will sue you all in your ass and make you like it.

*Sings in his head* Soulful Santa (tm)/ PLEASE say the (tm)

Who wants to steal look like the cowardly lion with the night cap from the Travelodge bear on.

Yeah I went there... plus he his face reminds me of this nigga

...for X-Mas...yes you is gonna get raped.

End all be people. Leave Santa to the white folks, and keep being elves, thats yall role. Know that shit, and do it. Everything aint supposed to be equal. Damn.