Jury cant decide if Brian Nichols should die.. **QUESTION OF THE DAY**

Thursday, December 11, 2008

**as reported by Fox 2 News**

"A jury has told a judge that it is unable to reach a unanimous decision on a sentence in the case against a man who killed a judge and three other people in a shooting spree that started in a downtown Atlanta courthouse.

The judge is calling the jury back into the courtroom to decide the next step. The jury has deliberated for almost 20 hours."

aight yall, I'm not sure if you are hip to this man's story. But he was ALREADY on trial for rape. And went ahead...got REAL gansta...pulled a burner off of one of the CO's that escorted him in, and shot and killed the judge. Then he shot the court reporter, and then the sheriffs deputy. Then went on the run and killed ANOTHER cop.

Finally got caught. Killed a JUDGE and some cops. And the jury is like "I dont know."

Imma keep it one. I dont feel bad about cats trying to escape jail. But when you do it and just get to killing folks at will...I have a problem.

So my question today for yall is this. Should he get the death penalty, and also do you believe that some folks should die. Cause like I dont feel like the death penalty is cool, but imma be honest. Folks like Charles Manson and folks of that nature need to be wiped off the planet...


What do yall think??