Dummy of the Day: Ransom (and every other gangsta rapper)

Monday, December 29, 2008

**Please dont take this post as me condoning any violent acts in any way shape or form. I dont, and cannot stand for any of it. Nor can I side with either artist. Some things just have to be addressed**

Aight, so to give you some slight background. Joe Budden and Ransom used to be in the same crew (Desert Storm), Joey as a solo artist, Ransom as a member of the group The A Team. Desert Storm really aint no more, Joey got his own shit going on, and Ransom and the other dude broke up the group.

Ransom mad cause Joey aint reach back, or felt like he should reach back.

Joey like "He got his own shit to worry bout, he sorry he couldnt do it like he feels he should"

Ugly words are shot back and forth, diss records, albums blah blah.

All gets to THIS level.

Now this video was released earlier this week from Sir Budden himself.

^^ funny shit...ignorant...but funny...

Ransom's response?


What the fuck just happened?


aight...flat out. Just on the video alone. Dog...YALL CROSSED THE LINE.

I aint siding with NOBODY. But I just know some shit you dont do to a grown man:

1)Pistol Whip (Saying basically you arent worth killing, I will beat you with something I can kill you with)

2) Spit On another grown man


3) SMACK another grown man.

And real talk, homie and cry or run or nothing, he got smacked, and just closed the door. That shit, I would be worried about. Real talk, his reaction was just not of normal type.

Anyhoo...you on video talking about how niggas is snitching when you PUT THIS OUT ON THE NET. That is assault. If homie wants to press charges, he can and could WIN. Just on the strength of the video placed out.

On top of that...like homie...this shit has gone waaay too far.

I guess, I just come from a different breed of niggas. Like I'm far from gangsta, but I was brought up by some cats you would call that. And thats all imma say...

...those cats would NEVER say shit about ANYTHING to ANYONE who had NOTHING TO DO with what they were doing


Shooting vids, brandishing weapons, and bricks of coke and shit...dog all of yall are STUPID for that shit.

Then niggas wanna say"Man the hip hop police is out."

Dog listen, you talk about how cheap your dope is, they know your records aint selling but you driving a lambo, you going into interviews talking about "I'm just keeping it real"...

guess what, if i was a cop? I would arrest you dumb ass muthafuckers too!!

Like aight...(True Story) its like me saying this KARMALOOP RIGHT NOW, DEC 29th, is having a 60% off sale that ends in 15 hours (8 am central time now) if you use the code HOLIDAYS, I cant get mad and be like "Man why folks going to buy shit cause I said for them to buy it?" Dude I said it, told em it was true, folks went and copped it cause they were told it was the truth. Thats their job as a consumer.

Now if you saying the shit is entertainment...I totally see where your anguish would come from. But no you dumb ass niggas, that shit comes from sheer stupidity. You figure you can just go about taping crimes, putting guns on DVD's and think that Cops wont come looking for you, or wont say anything? You got it wrong.

Okay, now lets move past the cops. Dog you defaced this man in front of MILLIONS of people. Where does it go after that? In my mind, like everyone else mind, niggas gotta get touched(killed). Flat out.

But if you get touched, who's the folks gonna look at first? Joey right? Okay.

So its like...why even GO THAT HARD? If you wanted to do that, DONT BRING CAMERAS.

You took it to the next level...and thats just not cool...on both accounts.

I gotta give the slight edge to Joey though...cause of this rebuttle...

Black people...lets do better...seriously. Kids, AND COPS are watching. Folks could be doing something other than this...