Icy Mike: Dear Vegan

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

***lol my dude Icy Mike at icymike.blogspot.com decided to get all indignant against Vegans...now I'm not saying that I share the same sentiments, but I mean...I really cant argue with the man...he has damn good points. Here's his blog called "Dear Vegan"***

Your cause is lame. Seriously you folks just need to like off yourself extra quick. You folks are so self-righteous, condescending and hypocritical it's crazy. Hardly any of you are truly healthy and take all kinds of herbal remedies and shit just to make up for what you are missing from meat. I know you folks crave meat otherwise places like Soul Vegetarian wouldn't exist, there food is like hard bread tofu protein and shit like that and fake meat like shit. Trust me on this your body actually craves that stuff, you are an omnivore after check the teeth in your mouth. The only thing worse then that shit is feeding your pet a vegetarian diet. Are you fucking retarded they are carnivores you asshole check there teeth.

You also if you are so concerned about the environment don't wear clothing from any store, knit your self a pair of trousers from all the weed you grow you douche. Also don't be all high and mighty when it comes to your car either. Dip shit you are still driving a car simple and plain. Stop acting like you really care about shit when all you care about is yourself. If you did care about others you wouldn't be so pushy with your beliefs, like the way you would get mad if a Mormon did the same shit to you. Yours is a belief not a proven scientific fact.

You are so concerned about the treatment of these animals and I say who gives a fuck they are live stock and stupid they have been bred for us to consume. What you want to put farmers of all kinds, butchers, grocery stores, slaughter houses out of business because of your belief? What a selfish cunt you are. You would rather give better treatment to these dumb animals then you would to undocumented workers, and gays, sounds pretty fucked up.

So, you might be asking what am I exactly saying. I am saying go live in the forest and live off of twigs and berries and see how long you last with out meat. Also shut the fuck up about organic anything, people have been doing quite well without all this extra labeling and shit. The next time I hear one of you douche fucks ask about organic wine or beer I'm going to kill you on spot…….that shit is poison when it becomes alcohol you fucking dummy.


Icy Mike

***Van Laughs Hard, then waits for the drama that is about the ensue from this post***