Biking for Obama: This is ill...

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

So my boy Julian in LA hit me up a month ago (WHADDUP HOMAY!!) and he only hits me up on the phone (cause boy knows I hate the phone, good lord) when its some big shit poppin. He's a move maker like that lol.

Anyhow, being the forward thinking cat that he is, he hips me to his homie he goes to college with, a brother by the name of Ryan Bowen (Feel free to facebook him).

(^^ Pic of Julian *left* and Ryan *right*)

Give me a little background on boy. Then hits me with the ill shit.

He tells me, his homie was in the process of shooting a documentary on life changers in different cities, but was SO MOTIVATED by Obama winning the presidency, that he felt like he needed to do more. He felt like he needed to show his appreciation, and his dedication to change. Homeboy said,

"He decided that he's gonna bike from LA to DC in time for the inauguration. Shooting footage of the folks all through the process."

Of course, I was wowed, not just cause of the feat at hand. But because I knew the two of them were DEAD ASS SERIOUS.

I got to talk to the brother Ryan for a couple hot seconds too...even though our convo was short you felt the sincerity in his energy...

This boy is gonna do it.

I told them, whatever in my power I can do, I'm down man. Cause I dont have the balls to do it, and honestly am ashamed that I dont. I wish I could be this dedicated to make a statement you know?

Homie is rolling on bare minimums, he basically calculated that its gonna cost him money wise about 2,000 bucks to make it the whole way. He went and found an old bike, took it to a bike shop and had it refurbished. And left out of LA on December 2nd...

...he is now in Texas.

Please show your support. Go to

just read up on his travels, comment on the blogs. Cop a Tee in support. Post videos. IF you want to donate, do so as well.

And if he comes to your town, show the boy some love...real rap.

He gives you the play by play in word and picture form at the site so go HARD on there!

Like my boy Icy Mike said "Be More..."

...we all should.