Get Hip: Gotta Be Karim

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Anyone that knows me, knows who this man is above.

The name is Gotta Be Karim.

Flat out, one of the illest folks on the planet...and also one of the illest cats I know.

I mos def didnt make him apart of the "GET HIP" section just because I know the man. I mean knowing me does help a tad, but lets be frank here. HE'S not wack, and 90% of the folks you listen to are beneath him music wise.

*Dead ass serious look on my face*

From the insanely clever wordplay, to his beat selection, to his stage presence, the boy gets it in. If you arent hip to his music, you really need to be. Cause wherever I'm going, he's gonna be there, and vice versa.

He dropped the "Bean Pie" ep earlier this summer, and of course cause I'm the super nice cat that I am, I got you on lock FOR DE FREE!!!

Production by myself, and the world famous Black Spade me, if you dont download this you will be sorry.


Here's some footage of us performing "Swagger Back" off the EP (produced by that nigga named ME!! lol)

hit the boy up at he will hit you right back...

*Some one from the crowd says* "SAY SWURR!"

my reply??