The Weekly Kegel: Where I'm From

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Yeaaaah yo...I already know, yesterday the boy was slacking on the posting of the blogs and all that goodness. I got good reason tho! I promise, yes huh I do!

Interviews, interviews, interviews...goodness.

Shout out to my guy Dee Dot over at Stay Hostin' @

Yeah, go there to that link, had a live on air interview with the boy. Its pretty funny. We go in on the state of hip hop, women (older women, yall know how ya boy get down), and drug dealers who should kill themselves. You can listen to a stream right on the page, or you can download it and drop it into your ipod. He plays a few joints from the album Megatron Majorz. I MOS DEF forgot to shout out Chaundon, Jozemoe, Dho, and bad yaaaalll!

...speaking of that you still NOT have that album...good lord why?

here...Merry Christmas from Soulful Santa (tm) lmao.


Besides that...The Weekly me leaking my music on the net just for the sake of it. Some old shit you prolly aint ever heard, some brand new shit I just felt like putting out. Sometimes I'll just put some shit up demo wise to see what you think. This week, I'm dropping the joint "Where I'm From", that was actually a demo joint that I performed alot...never had it out for folks to get. Its prolley the only reason why I got on with the HOJ (yeah right, lol).

Some might reconize a version of this diddy as a song on the "Soldiers of Fortune" album. Yeah, they remixed a song that I had on my demo that the rest of the world never heard, ill huh?

Tay and Pooh heard this joint and went stupid over it...hopefully you enjoy it as well...

Click Below to hear/download:

I know, some folks who know that song is like "Damn that sounds different" does. It was a redux of the original I was working on. Still working on, but whatever...enjoy!

...oh and why the Weekly Kegel? Lol, cause its all about keeping it tight. HAHAHAHA! OUTRO