Fuck yo Santa...

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Why fool? Cause my Santa got soul.

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Thats right bitch...Soulful Santa (tm) is my Santa...and hes gonna punch your Santa's balls off!

I mean real rap. Black people. Some stuff, like just leave it alone. Some things just ARENT black, and we gotta face that, and let it be. White folks are at one with us dominating at sports, they get it and they dont really try and compete. Let them have Santa. Its theirs. He's white everywhere, this aint the bible, you cant go find scriptures that tell you that Santa was once black back in bc times.

Dude is white.
But whatever, lets get back to this amazing ass flyer. For $10, YOU TOO can have your child looking completely uninterested while a black man with a dirty ass lion's mane takes a picture with them.

This picture touches me on my angry part. And it touches me hard.

Seriously, why is his beard that dirty. Last time I checked grey hair was grey hair. Is it because he's black and homeless and on government support he cant afford shampoo but once a year he can afford to give kids presents in the hood? Especially at Afro World? Is that it? (Lets not forget they got them Obama hats from the chinamen shop on deck! Peep the flyer!)

Or what makes Soulful Santa (tm) Soulful?

My homegirl Tate's take on it all

"JUST HOW SOULFUL IS HE? Black man? Check. Black establishment? Check. Dirty ass beard? WTF."

Or real talk, notice how every time I type Soulful Santa (tm), I gotta put Soulful Santa (tm)

Why? Nigga cause its trademarked.

You bet not EVER think about stealing Soulful Santa (tm) and putting him in your town. The real Soulful Santa (tm) will sue you all in your ass and make you like it.

*Sings in his head* Soulful Santa (tm)/ PLEASE say the (tm)

Who wants to steal that...you look like the cowardly lion with the night cap from the Travelodge bear on.

Yeah I went there... plus he his face reminds me of this nigga

...for X-Mas...yes you is...you is gonna get raped.

End all be all...black people. Leave Santa to the white folks, and keep being elves, thats yall role. Know that shit, and do it. Everything aint supposed to be equal. Damn.