Get Hip: Teresa Jenee (FREE EP DOWNLOAD!!!)

Monday, December 15, 2008

Yeep...this is a first for the Theill...but we gonna keep it going.

Its a segment I like to call Get Hip. Basically filled with music folks need to become more acquainted with...cause chances are you arent. And if you arent, then you are now...cause of me lol.

So with this one, I give you Teresa Jenee. Straight out of the STL

Insane vocalist, writer, and live performer. I swear this girl TEARS IT DOWN each time she touches that stage. Her style...I wont even try and box it in, cause the minute you think you got her pegged, you are completely off the mark. Just be open to hear just about ANY DAMN THING come out when she decides to sing, and know that chances are you will love it.

She just dropped an ep, FOR DE FREE on the net!!

It would be wise for you to download it here:

as well as enjoy her on myspace: