Dummy of the Day

Sunday, December 14, 2008

We were beginning to wonder if anything else was going to happen to top our last Dummy of the Day winner. But have no fear Iraqi terrorist are near! Well kinda. This one is so funny we had to give our first DOUBLE AWARD!

If you haven't heard a Iraqi "reporter" threw not one but BOTH his shoes at President Bush during a surprise visit and press conference in Iraq. The hurled shoes were apparently meant only to insult the President as some form of protest and not actually harm him (although I guess that depends on the size of the shoes).

So our #1 winner for todays award:


The Secret Service are supposed to be the EPITOME of personal security! So for a person, ANY PERSON to get off not one but TWO clean shots...ahem..shoes at the President is CRAZY! If I were Pres. Elect Obama I'd be taking interviews right now for a new chief of security. Let's keep it real people. You know somebody got ripped a new asshole not only for slipping but the public embarrassment this caused the President, US, and Iraqi government.

Speaking of which...

Our #2 winner is:


You ever heard the term "15 seconds of Fame" - I think that applies here. I have a strong feeling this is the first, last, and only 15 seconds that we will EVER see of this dude. You know why - because he is probably dead, done, deleted. You know how they get down in Iraq when you make them mad..

Ok that was harsh. But seriously think about it. While there is a 100% certainty that there were NO WEAPONS in this room. Its also true that anybody that was there had a background check and vetted (a la Sarah Palin). So I find it hard to understand how/why this man is still "the UNNAMED REPORTER". I think that our way of saying - "uh yeah - he's unavailable for comment - eternally". My point is this if you had to go out was it really worth it to toss your SHOES at a guy who isn't even going to be the President much longer. I'm thinking when this guy checked out (yeah I said it - past tense - he's a goner and if you believe otherwise you just stoopid) - he had 2nd, 3rd, and 4th thoughts about if this was really worth it in the end.

- Pol-E-Tix