Every black person DOES NOT need to represent for Obama...

Monday, December 15, 2008

Yep...I know that title shocked you, and guess what, I dont care...

Me, Wafeek, the boy E, and Rob Boo were having this conversation last night. And real up, Wafeek said some shit in the convo that really struck with me.

"All these d boy ass niggas going around saying "Obama" every two seconds need to stop. It wasnt YALL who got that man in office, it was cats like us. Infiltrating the white community and letting them know that there are cool black people out there. Thats who got Obama in, not yall"

We laughed and laughed...but I knew it was some truth in it...

and then I saw this...the aftermath of the Dirty Awards in Atlanta this year...

now...I want you, to watch that ENTIRE video, and count how many times Obama was said. And by whom.


Or how when you in the club, the leader of the streets, the KANG OF THE TRAP song comes on "My president's black"...which the song has NOTHING to do with Obama in ANY way cause he still talking that hood shit, but all he says is "His president is black".

Real rap. I'm tired of it.

Folks be singing that "Yeah we did it, we here" shit since it happened. Dog you been selling drugs all day, and WE did it?

No the hell WE did not. Especially if YOU couldnt vote. YOU didnt do anything.

All of a sudden now Obama's in office, that seems to be the exclamation point towards anything that NEEDS to be positive, now that we have black representation. "We need to stop killing and selling drugs and hurting people, Obama yall"


Like that man's last name is the one thing that is gonna make dumb fucks stop acting like dumb fucks. WHEN YOU SHOULD HAVE BEEN TRYING TO CHANGE IT PERIOD

...way before that man even THOUGHT about stepping foot in office.

Like, dont change cause of him, cause once his two terms are over, are you really gonna keep it up? I mean will you? Just like you did in the video? "Fuck that nigga shawty lo but on the real, Obama. We hood niggas, Obama n shit, but we from the streets"


Stay there then, with your simple ass mentality. Goodness, how can folks take pride in such fuckery. Even Alfamega's apology for the tirade that took place that left like 20 people face first on the floor, cause of his fist, was smarter than the shit the rest of yall dumbasses are talking about.

...and that man is a ex con.

Never once did he use Obama's name in it. He knew what he did, and what he did was wrong, and realized how it looked, and was embarrassed. Thats all that needed to be said. I give him major props for that...

...but the rest of yall "AY YALL SMACK THAT BITCH ON THE ASS..OBAMA'S OUR PRESIDENT" ass cats...

do me a solid.

Take one of those small American flags, you know the hand held ones with the pointy end.

And jab it as hard as you can into your carotid artery...

...in the name of Obama.