My Big News: The Reason WHY I Need YOUR Help

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

(^^^ I just put this up cause its my favorite song at the moment Whadaap @jayelectronica!!)

Alright folks...I know a week ago or so I put out a call to arms...asking if yall would help me if I needed it. Well I had to wait till the right time to speak on it...

So it goes like this, first off, I want to thank EVERYONE for supporting my life's dream, which is this music. This is all Ive done since I can remember, so just on the sheer knowledge that you actually enjoy what I love, makes me want to continue to do it forever.

Ive been on stages, attempting to entertain people since I was in the single digits, so when I say this is all I know, I mean THIS IS ALL I KNOW. I could do alot of things in life, but nothing moves me like making music does. I BREATHE THIS.

So times like this come around, when those dreams you've always had, the one thing you obsessed about the most, is now actually within your becomes surreal.

All ive prayed about is having a stage to speak on. And finally Ive been presented with that.

I'm now finalizing my first deal.

**crowd cheers**

Now now, before we get into all that. Its something that needs to be built upon. They want to re-release my Megatron Majorz project.

...and of course I couldnt just give you the project like it was you know?

So this is what we are building with. You got 9 REMASTERED songs, 5 remixes produced by Flying Lotus, Khrysis, 9th Wonder, Soul Professa AND 14kt. AND 2 new jams produced by 9th Wonder and Khrysis!

...and who knows...maybe a few more suprises :)

So this is what I'm saying. I'm getting all of this because God blessed me, and yall supported me. But I need your support even more. I need the word to get out. So if you got me, help me out. I'm a one man army over here, and I have NO problems asking people I know for help.

So assist me in building up my followers on twitter (@vandalyzm tell em to add me everyone) tell folks to come to the blog...tell them to check out the myspace page ( do WHATEVER YOU CAN.

I need support from yall on THIS project, so the label heads will support me with the NEW album. And I cant WAIT to get yall the newness. Just ask anyone who has heard the most of it (**ahem** @RonnieNotch & @melamachinko) and they will tell you just what it sounds like. I PROMISE you wont be disappointed.

This is the time where folks can quit complaining because of the lack of good music, and get behind some music they KNOW is dope.

One of your own finally got a chance to play in the big game...come cheer me on.

Cause I do it for nobody but yall. I mean that.

Now I know some of you will just read this and throw it to the back of your mind. But if you REALLY love me...please comment on this and let me know you read it.

Thank you yo. I mean that from the bottom of my heart.


...its a new day yo, nothing but wins from here on out...its spoken so it will be. Abacadabra.