The Weekly Kegel: Thee Story (Prod. Vandalyzm)

Friday, January 2, 2009

Yeaaaah...ya boy, here again with another joint.

I did this shit a while ago, just fucking around with the storytelling. I think it came out real dope.

Oh yeah, and at the end, if you think thats Gotta Be are sorely wrong. It is none other than Trackstar The DJ doing a SPOT ON imitation of that guy...I played this for Karim he was like "Nigga when did I record this" no bullshit hahaha!!

^^ Click that link to download that!!

Shit...while I'm at it...

I'm feeling EXTRA generous...blame it on the new year n shit. Here's a previously undownloadable freestyle from the kid (unless you grabbed my sampler mixtape, which isnt up anymore) "The Vandilla"

^^Click that to download that TOO!!